Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Thirty two residents were killed in rural Damascus this Wednesday: Maddamiyat Asham 7, Douma 4, Dareya 5, Bala 3, Erbeen 2, Zibdeen 2, Ein Tarma 2 and one victim in each of the following: Zamalka, Harasta, Azzabadani, Addumair, Jisreen, Babbila.


Pro-Assad militias perpetrated a massacre of 38 defected soldiers moving towards Alutaibeh town in addition to an entire family.


Annashabieh: Regime warplanes performed four air strikes targeting the town which led to the death and injury of many civilians.


Albahdalieh: Assad forces targeted the town with chemical shells which smell like sulfur. Moreover, rocket shelling attacks on Alhusseinieh camp and Athiyabieh.


Deir Alasafeer: regime forces attacked the town using MiG fighter jets, helicopters, rocket launchers and mortars whereas smelly substances where used causing injury to many civillians.


Dareya: Eight civilians were killed, including three women shot dead by Assad snipers, while the shelling attacks on residential areas continued.


Muaddamiyat Asham: Seven civilians were killed and dozens wounded as regime forces, stationed at the 4th regiment, continued targeting the city with heavy weapons.


Ein Tarma: Regime forces have targeted different districts with rocket launchers and mortar attacks killing two civilians and wounding many.


Alutaibeh: Regime forces stormed the town after using chemical weapons against the residents yesterday.


Azzabadani: Two civilians were killed and many wounded due to regime tanks and heavy artillery shelling attacks on the city.


Adra: Regime warplanes have performed six air strikes as 300 shells rained down on residential areas.


Alabbadeh: MiG fighter jets renewed shelling the town wounding many civilians.


Southern Suburbs: Indiscriminate tanks and mortar shelling attacks targeted Bait Sahim, Babbila and Sidi Miqdad while several loud explosions heard.


Yabroud: Regime helicopters threw explosive barrels on different areas.


Zamalka: Regime warplanes targeted the city amid rocket launchers’ attacks which led the injury of many civilians while residents suffer a severe lack of medications.


Beit Jinn: Fierce shelling attacks on the vicinity of Beit Jinn and Jibbata.


Khan Asheeh: Fierce shelling attacks on the eastern parts of Khan Asheeh Camp.


Alqutaifeh: Two military vehicles coming from 710th regiment in Annasrieh reached the 155th brigade carrying four Scud missiles, while regime forces launched two Scud missiles towards the northern Syrian territories. Furthermore, more than sixty rockets were launched by the 14th regiment towards rural Damascus.

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