Moadamieh Alsham | March 11, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh Alsham | March 11, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Assad’s war machine is still killing our innocent people on the Syrian territories. The usual shelling started at the early morning, this heavy shelling by rockets launchers, tanks and ZSU-Shilka missiles targeted the safe houses, residential buildings and everything.
Many dangerous critical injuries most of them are children and women and the massive destruction is unbelievable. The town seems like a ghosts town with all those destroyed buildings.
the martyrs of today:
1- Fayza Mostafa Dawood
2- Ferdaus Dawood
3- Mona Khalil AlShaikh
4- Fayez Rajab
Also Assad disloyal forces tried to break in the town again BUT the free soldiers heroes forced them to go back and killed some, the skirmishes were active all around the town through many entrances and streets..
The barbaric blockade is still causing sad critical conditions for the town, no fuel, no medicine, even there is no any live conditions like flour or water and the electrical power cut is continued when the available medical crews tried their best to save the wounded people life..

Martyr Fayez Rajab:

Women martyrs:

the house that was saving today’s martyrs:


Barbaric shelling effects:

Assad’s tanks:

Cleaning works:

للإنضمام لفريق الترجمة في تنسيقية معضمية الشام
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