Moadamieh Alsham | March 9, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh Alsham | March 9, 2013 | Daily summary Report
Assad gang resume its barbaric crime today, and the International community is still keeping silent to share Assad’s regime the crime. shelling started at the morning and continued all the day, while it was the heaviest at the night Shelling by rockets launchers and ZSU-Shilka missiles targeted safe houses and residential buildings and everything.
When the inability and failures of Assad’s regime are clear in the battleground, so that they tried to break in BUT the free soldiers heroes forced them to go back and killed some, the skirmishes were active all around the town.
Blockade is still in progress and the medical situation is critical to cause the worst suffering for civilians in the city while the numbers of injuries are increasing..
Also, the darkness is still continuing because of the power cut off since more than 2 months and the situation is really disaster..


للإنضمام لفريق الترجمة في تنسيقية معضمية الشام
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