Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Twenty nine residents were killed across the suburban area this Tuesday; Sbaineh 10, Douma 6, Muaddamiyat Asham 3, Alkisweh 2 and one victim in each of the following Yalda, Assedi Miqdad, Muaddamiyat Alqalamoon, Jairoud, Deir Qanoon, Azzabadani, Harasta and Beit Sahim.


Douma: Six civilians were killed and dozens wounded due to regime’s indiscriminate rocket shelling on residential areas.


Wadi Barada, Deir Qanoon: A bus bomb exploded killing a civilian and wounding others.


Almuqailbieh: Many civilians were injured due to Assad forces’ shelling attacks which targeted the farms between Almuqailbieh and Addeirakhbieh.


Alutaibeh: Regime warplanes launched five air strikes using cluster bombs and heavy weapons which led to the injury of five civilians at least, several critically.


Muaddamiyat Asham: Three civilians, including a woman, were killed during the fierce shelling attacks on the city.


Sbaineh: Three residents were killed and more the twenty were wounded during fierce shelling.


Alqalamoon: Two scud missiles were launched by the 155th brigade in Alqutaifeh and the 578th battalion in Annasirieh towards the northern territories.


Babbila: Regime tanks attacked different districts during the clashes between Assad forces and the Free Syrian Army.


Yabroud: A helicopter attacked Assalihieh district’s farms wounding some civilians.


Albilalieh: Assad forces launched fierce rocket and mortar attacks on the town wounding many residents.


Zamalka: Regime warplanes performed several air strikes targeting residential buildings while gun clashes continued and loud explosions were heard at the South Bypass. Moreover, rockets and mortar shells rained down on the area including Jobar district.


Azzabadani: Regime forces continued to target the city with fierce shelling for 211 days in a row using rocket launchers and heavy artillery. The continuous attacks led to the death of a young woman and destroyed the city’s infrastructure while the humanitarian condition deteriorates.


Harasta: Assad forces targeted different districts with rocket and artillery shelling attacks.


Misraba: Many residents were wounded due to regime’s indiscriminate rocket and mortar attacks.


Jisreen: Several mortar shells rained down on the town wounding many residents and causing major destruction.


Saqba: Assad forces launched mortar attacks on residential areas.


Dareya: Assad forces shelled the city for 114 days in a row wounding residents and destroying residential buildings. Furthermore, regime forces continued to besiege the city and deprive the residents from power and all forms of communication. They continued to destroy homes and clear lands adjacent to Almazzeh Military Airport.


Evening Highlights:

A scud missile was launched by the 155th brigade in Alqutaifeh towards the northern territories.


للإنضمام لفريق الترجمة في تنسيقية معضمية الشام يرجى ملء هذه الإستمارة عبر الرابط التالي

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