Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Friday, February 22, 2013


Thirty four residents were killed across the suburban area this Friday; Dareyya 10, Misraba 4, Mu’adamyyat Asham 2, Harasta 3, Mneen 3, Ataybeh 2, Douma 2, Zakieh 1, Zamalka 1, ‘Erbeen 1, Hosh Arab 1, Aleftraiss 1, Almazzeh 2 and Deir Ezzor 1 (killed in Harran Al’awameed.)


Hosh Arab: Warplanes (MiG fighter jets and military helicopters) targeted Hosh Arab and Rankoos’s farms with aerial bombardment.


Alqaboon: Regime forces launched an aerial raid on the industrial district adjacent to Loop South.


Shab’aa: Fierce aerial bombardment targeted the town causing colossal damage to buildings.


Zamalka: Assad forces launched consecutive aerial raids on the town wounding several residents and destroying homes.


Almqailbieh: The 165th and 91st brigades as well as the seventh division targeted Almqailbieh, Zakieh, Attaibeh and Deir Khebieh with shelling attacks.


Alqhootah Asharqieh: Assad forces supported by 12 tanks and several buses carrying militias on board attempted to invade Almarj after taking control of Almanssorah.


Harasta: Mohammad Attali and ‘A’esha Attali were killed during regime shelling on residential areas (west of the freeway) during the morning hours.


Bait Sahim, Babila, Yelda and Atheiabieh: Fierce heavy artillery shelling targeted the towns while warplanes hovered heavily for the area.


Douma: Fierce mortar and rocket shelling targeted the city post Friday’s prayer.


Dareyya: The fourth division launched fierce artillery and tanks’ shelling on homes in the central and western districts of the city.

In addition, gun battles between the FSA and regime forces took place on the western front. ‘Alaa Abu Firass was killed while defending his fellow citizens.


Mu’Adamyyat Asham: Fierce rocket and artillery shelling targeted residential area wounding civilians; many are in critical condition.

The fourth division continues to target the city with daily shelling attacks, however the latest attacks were less intense. Furthermore, residents continue to lack all forms of communication.



155th brigade launched three Scud missiles towards the northern Syrian territories during the morning hours. The missiles were launched at 7:40, 7:45 and 10:41 am.


Evening highlights:


Hosh Arab: Regime forces launched shelling on the town killing Mohammad Hamra and wounding several residents.


Yelda: Mortar shelling resumed against the town.


Yabrood: Fierce shelling by the 18th brigade targeted residential areas.


Demonstrations mobilized in Yabrood, Qara, ‘Erbeen, Saqba and Douma.

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