Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Thursday, February 21, 2013



Forty four residents were killed across the suburban area this Thursday; Hammouriah 8, Misraba 5, Yalda 5, Saqba 5, Erbeen 3, Dareya 2, Azzabadani 2, Douma 2, Harasta 2, Muaddamiyat Asham 1, Jisreen 1, Madyara 1, Kafarbatna 1, Ein Tarma 1, Zamalka 1, Deir Salman 1, Shabaa 1, Alabbadeh 1, Hazzeh 1 and Aqraba 1.



Hammouriah: Assad forces perpetrated a new massacre of nine civilians by shelling the city with rocket launchers an mortars.



Saqba: A new massacre of five civilians and many wounded due to regime’s systematic rocket shelling attacks.



Yalda: A new massacre of five civilians, including two children, and dozens of wounded due to regime’s indiscriminate shelling.



Misraba: Four civilians, including a child, were killed due to rocket shelling.



Zamalka: A woman was killed and her son wounded as well as many civilians due to regime’s Sukhoi warplanes’ bombardment amid the rocket launchers’ shelling.



Azzabadani: Tow civilians were killed and many wounded while the shelling continued for the 204th day in a row. The humanitarian situation deteriorates.



The Eastern Ghootah: Regime warplanes performed several air strikes on Hazzeh, Harasta and other areas using phosphorus bombs wounding dozens of civilians and causing a colossal damage to buildings.



Harasta: Regime’s rocket launchers and heavy artillery targeted different areas while some residential buildings caught fire and billows of smoke filled the sky.



Kafarbatna and Madyara: Fierce rocket shelling attacks led to the death and injury of many civilians.



Dareya: Assad forces renewed shelling different residential neighborhoods and dispatched reinforcements to the eastern parts of the city.



Albilalieh: Fierce mortar and rocket attacks led to the injury of many civilians.



Deir Salman: Regime forces have targeted the town with rocket launchers and mortars killing an old woman and wounding many.



Zakieh: Indiscriminate shelling targeted different parts of the city wounding many civilians.



Khan Asheeh: Fierce artillery, mortar and tanks shelling attacks targeted Alqusoor and Alabbasieh areas wounding many civilians.



Beit Sahim: Mortar and heavy artillery shelling attacks targeted residential areas wounding 10 civilians at least.



Muaddamiyat Asham: Fierce Shelka shelling attacks targeted the residential areas.



Arrhaibeh: Assad forces stormed the town and launched a campaign of raids amid the indiscriminate fire shooting against civilians.

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