Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Fifty three residents were killed across the suburban area this Tuesday; Douma 14, Hazeh 6, Jdaidet Alfadel 5, Dareyya 4, Sbaineh 4, Mu’adamyyat Asham 2, Bait Sawa 1, Shab’aa 1, Madyara 1, Harasta 1, Annabek 1, Al’abadeh 1, Jobar 5 (1 killed in Kafr Batana and 4 killed during shelling on Ain Tarma.)


Douma: Regime forces launched fierce aerial bombardment and shelling attacks on Karm Rssass and Alqwatli districts killing 11 residents, wounding many others and causing colossal damage to residential buildings.


Kafr Batna: Ten residents were killed and scores were wounded during fierce mortar and rocket shelling launched by Assad forces on residential areas. However, the number of victims is still on the rise.


Mu’adamyyat Asham: Regime forces launched fierce artillery shelling on residential areas during the morning hours. Later in the day, military helicopters dropped two TNT explosive barrels while MiG fighter jets targeted the city with aerial bombardment in six consecutive raids. The attacks led to the destruction of entire districts and leveled homes to the ground. At least two residents were killed and 50 were wounded during the attacks, including women and children. Many are in critical condition.


Alqtaifa: The 155th brigade and well as Assad forces stationed in Annaserieh launched Scud missiles in the direction of the northern Syrian territories during the morning and afternoon hours.


Jdaiidet Artooz: Assad forces launched vicious assault and detention raids on residential areas, forced businesses to close, gathered the arrested residents in Al’omal Square. Most of the detainees were released later.

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