Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Eighteen residents were killed in rural Damascus this Saturday; ‘Adraa 4, Sooq Wadi Barada 4, Hazeh 3, Dareyya 2, Harasta 1, Jisreen 1, Athiabieh 1, Jdaidet Wadi Barada 1 and ‘Erbeen 1.


Hazeh: A woman (Wafaa ‘Ezat ‘Eed), her four year old daughter (Aya Deeb Ghazal) and her 14 year old son (Mohammad Deeb Ghazal) were killed in regime shelling attacks during the early morning hours.


‘Adraa: ‘Adaa residents found four extra judicially executed and mutilated victims. The victims were arrested among ten others by Assad militias stationed at a checkpoint fourteen days ago. The victims are: Mohammad Jum’aa Alas’aad, Muhannad Jum’aa Alas’aad, Abdul Arrahman Mohammad Alas’aad and Mohammad Khalaf Alhemi.


Athiabieh: Assad militias stationed at a roadblock in Alhusseinieh Refugee Camp opened fire indiscriminately on civilians killing and wounding scores of residents while regime shelling targeted Athiabiah and Alhusseinieh Refugee Camp. Abdul Kareem Abu Eliass, FSA fighter, was also killed this Saturday.


Zamalka: Regime forces targeted the town with fierce and systematic shelling killing two residents, wounding critically several others and destroying properties. Furthermore, gun battles between the FSA and regime force took place while several explosions racked the areas adjacent to Loop South.


Harasta: Several residents were killed and wounded while attempting to enter the deserted city from the direction of the Police Forces Residential Units. Another unidentified victim was also found in Albustan district.


Douma: Assad forces shelled Al’eb farms and Almanara plant (located in Tal Kerdi) setting the plant and other areas on fire.


Alboida: The 58th brigade targeted the town with shelling.


Deir Al’asafeer: Mortar and rocket shelling targeted the town. Several residents were wounded as a result.


Dareyya: Fierce to intermittent gun battles between the FSA and regime forces took place while heavy artillery and rocket shelling targeted the city killing two residents including a woman and wounding others.


Alqalamoon: The 155th brigade stationed in Alqtaifa launched two Scud missiles towards the northern Syrian territories (at 1:30 and 10.30 pm) while Assad forces stationed in Annaserieh launched another Scud missile in the same direction during the morning hours.


Mu’adamiyyat Asham: Fierce shelling targeted residential buildings while residents lack internet and all forms of communication.


Evening Highlights:


Regime shelling targeted Hajeeret Albalad.


Premeditated killing of the wounded: According to trusted sources in Almujtahed Hospital (located in Damascus), the hospital administrator Adeeb Mahmood in coordination with the security forces working in the hospital ordered the killing of all the wounded admitted in the hospital by injecting them with potassium. The order is being followed by pro Assad nurses. According to the same sources, three victims were killed in this manner: Ra’fat Mohammad Athalji, native of Alhara in Da’aa province, and two other victims from Dar’aa city.

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