Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs

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 Monday, February 11, 2013


Twenty three civilians were killed this Monday in Damascus suburbs including; Daryyah 5, Zamalka 4,  two victims in each of Jesreen, Jairood, Harasta, Adra, and a victim in each of Blodan, Esal Alward, Aqraba, Hazzeh, and Annabic.

Fierce air raids with warplanes on Adra, Zamalka, Douma, Mu’adamyyat Asham, and Dair Atyyah with phosphorous and Napalm bombs causing huge fire in Douma, Mu’adamyyat Asham and Adra.

Almuliha; Fierce mortar and artillery shelling on the town amid fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and Assad forces.

Daryyah and Mu’adamyyat Asham: Assad forces resumed shelling attacks on residential areas. A media activist Zaid Abu Obaidah was killed when a tank targeted him with a shell.

Deir Atyyah: A shell fell inside Alqalamon university and others fell outside.  

Jairood: Indiscriminate gunfire from Assad forces killing two civilians. Residents mobilized in a mass demonstration.  

Douma: MiG fighter jets bombarded residential areas with International prohibited weapons. Those weapons cause burns and gas poisoning

Mu’adamyyat Asham: several civilians injured during MiG fighter jets shelling on residential areas with phosphorous bombs.

Erbeen: Fierce rocket shelling by Assad forces while warplanes hovered over the city.

Babila: Fierce mortar shelling on residential areas by Assad forces.

Annabic: Sounds of shelling were heard while warplanes hovered over the city.

Qatana: Assad forces deployed in the town carrying out raid and arrest campaigns.

Artooz: Assad forces carried out raid and arrest campaigns while new reinforcements arrived to the town.

Evening Highlights:

Annabic: Fierce shelling on the city.

Drosha: Intermittent shelling on the farms by Assad forces.     

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