Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Friday, February 8, 2013


Twenty six civilians were killed in Damascus suburbs this Friday including; Six victims in both Mu’adamyyat Asham and Douma. Daryyah 3. A victim in each of Ras Alma’arrah, Attal, Alqaisa, and Yalda. Five victim from Homs were killed in Aljobbeh.



Adra: The Free Syrian Army shot down a warplane in the city.

Warplanes launched several air raids on the Southern Ring Road and the towns and cities of Alghota Asharqia particularly Zamalka, Douma, and Yald, as a result, billows of smoke filled the sky.

Ain Tarma: Fierce and indiscriminate artillery, mortar, and rocket shelling on the town amid fierce clashes.

Douma: Five civilians were killed, including a woman and children, during MiG fighter jets bombarding on residential areas while several shells fell on the city center.

Hosh Alfarah: Two rockets fell on the village demolishing a mosque and a school.

Zamalka: Fierce shelling on residential areas with artillery, mortars, and warplanes causing massive devastation in buildings.

Harasta: Artillery shelling on the areas around The Administration of  Military Vehicle.

Sbineh: Fierce shelling on the area destroying large numbers of buildings while power were cut.

Shab’aa and Deir Alasafeer: Fierce rocket shelling on the towns by Assad forces.

Khan Ashaikh: Fierce artillery and mortars shelling on the town while new reinforcement arrived to the outskirts of the city.

Daryyah: Fierce mortar and rocket launcher shelling on the city by Assad forces amid fierce clashes.

Mu’adamyyat Asham: Assad forces shelled residential buildings killing six civilians and wounding more others. 

Aljobbeh: Seven bodies for civilians from Homs were found extra juicily executed by Assad forces. They were missed three months age.

Jab’adeen: Several shells fell on Bartah area.

Azzabadani: Fierce shelling on the neighborhoods by Assad forces.

Qatana: Assad forces carried out raid campaigns searching homes. Furthermore, they looted a home and demolished another one.  

Evening Highlights:  Fierce shelling on the village of Hosh Arab.

Demonstrations mobilized in Saqba, Athyabyyah, Qara, Douma, Zakia, Bait Sahim, Erbeen, Alkisweh.


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