Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Fifty-three residents were killed across the suburban area this Saturday; Douma 19 (1 from Deir Ezzor), Shab’aa 9, Adra 4, Erbeen 4, Mu’addamiyat Asham 2, Ein Tarma 2, Harran Alawamid 2, Dareya 2, Harasta 2, Azzabadani2, Saqba 1, Htaitet Atturkman 1, Alhusseinieh 1, and Hafeer Foqa 1.


Shab’aa: Regime forces perpetrated a new massacre attacking Albayad neighborhood by warplanes and leading to the death of 9 civilians and scores of injuries, including children and women.


Adra Albalad: Fierce MiG fighter jets air strikes amid rocket and mortar shelling attacks targeted the residential areas killing 4 civilians, including a child, and wounding many. At least 16 FSA fighters were killed defending the city during the gun battles with Assad forces.


Erbeen, Zamalka and Ein Tarma: Mortar and tanks shelling attacks have targeted the Military Vehicles Administration area while the bombardment on the Eastern Ghootah continued.


Harasta: Several loud explosions were heard during the fierce clashes between the FSA fighters and regime forces around the Military Vehicles Department.


Dareya: Assad forces dispatched military reinforcements as the attempts to storm the city continued for the 78th day in a row. Furthermore, the fierce artillery and rocket shelling attacks were renewed.


Mu’addamiyat Asham: Heavy artillery and Shilka shelling attacks targeted the residential areas.


Harran Alawamid: The town was declared a disaster area as the regime has destroyed 60% of residential homes. A mass displacement was reported while pro-Assad militias continued to loot residents’ houses and set them on fire.

Alhusseinieh Palestinian Refugee Camp: Fierce rocket shelling attacks targeted the area killing a man and wounding many.


The Southern Suburbs (Beit Sahim, Aqraba, Hajerit Albalad and Albwaida): Assad forces continued to besiege the towns during the indiscriminate mortar and heavy artillery shelling attacks. According to activists, residents suffer the severe lack of power, water, communication, food and medical supplies.


Azzabadani: Regime military forces resumed the shelling attacks starting the early morning hours wounding scores of civilians.


Alqutaifeh: Assad forces stationed at the 14th regiment launched a brutal artillery shelling while regime snipers spread on the top of several buildings.


Evening Highlights: Fierce mortar and heavy artillery shelling attacks targeted Wadi Barada and Qara cities.

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