Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Friday, February 1, 2013



Thirty residents were killed across the suburban area this Friday; ‘Erbeen 6 (one of whom is from Jobar), Misraba 5 ( one of whom is from Alqaboon), Almaiha 5 (one of whom is from Deir Ezzor), Douma 3, Harasta 2, Mu’adamyyat Asham 2 and one victim from each of the following: Hosh Arab, Qdsaya, Madyara, Deir Ezzor (killed in Wady Barada) and Hamah (also killed in Wady Barada.)



The Human Rights Office documented 1066 victims, including 131 children and 77 women, killed in 185 points in rural Damascus during the month of January. At least 35 residents were killed daily.



Harran Al’awameed: Regime forces stationed at Damascus Military Airport have launched rocket and artillery shelling on residential areas for fifteen days in a row while they invaded the town this Friday forcing residents to flee the area. Assad forces looted and set homes on fire destroying at least 60% of the residential buildings.



Misraba: Assad forces targeted the town with fierce rocket shelling killing Mohammad Alkhooli (child) and wounding at least 300 residents in two days. More than 450 rockets rained down on residential areas since Thursday.



‘Erbeen: Six residents were killed during systematic regime shelling and gun battles.



Douma: Three residents were killed and several were wounded during regime rocket and mortar shelling on the city.



Madyara: Assad forces targeted the town with fierce mortar and artillery shelling leading to the death of Jameel Mohammad Al’ashi and injury of several residents; many are in critical condition.



Harasta: Fierce heavy artillery and rocket shelling targeted several districts in the city. The FSA intensified the attacks against regime forces stationed at the Administration of Military Motor Vehicles.



Zamalka: Forces stationed on the Loop-South launched indiscriminate tanks and mortar shelling on residential areas.



Bait Sahim: Heavy artillery and mortar shelling targeted the town.



Dareyya and Mu’adamyyat Asham: Regime rocket and artillery shelling targeted residential areas in both cities wounding several residents and destroying homes.



Almqailbieh: The 75th brigade launched shelling attacks on Adwair district and Almqailbiah farms causing power outage. No injuries have been reported.



Azzabadani: Indiscriminate shelling targeted residential areas causing colossal damage to buildings.



Khan Asheeh-Drosha: Several explosions racked the area while regime shelling targeted farms in Khan Asheeh and Drosha.



Aluqtaifa: The 14th regiment shelled the city triggering consecutive explosions.



Evening Highlights: The 18th brigade targeted Yabrood’s outskirts with fierce artillery shelling.



Demonstrations mobilized in Douma, Athiabiah, Saqba, Babila, Qara, Yabrood, Zakiah, Bait Sahim and Hamoria.

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