Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forty-one victims were killed in rural Damascus this Thursday;

Harasta 7, Hizirma 7, Erbeen 4, Douma 3, Saqba 3, Harran Alawamid 3, Alqasmieh 3, Dareyya 2 and one victim in each of the following Annashabieh, Rankoos, Kafar Batna, Alqesa, Deir Atieh, Azzabadani and Hafeer Tahta.

Dareyya: According to activists, Assad forces perpetrated a new massacre by extra judicially executing 15 civilians at a military checkpoint whereas residents couldn’t pull the bodies under regime snipers’ fire. Regime forces dispatched reinforcements from Almazzeh Military Airport due to the fierce gun battles with FSA fighters which continued for the 76th day in a row. Furthermore, regime rocket launchers, heavy artillery and tanks’ shelling targeted residential while a ground-to-ground missile (GGM) fell in the western part of the city during the evening hours.

Hizirma: MiG fighter jets targeted a gas station killing seven and wounding scores of civilians.

Erbeen: Three media reporters have been killed during covering the fierce fights at the front lines around the Military Vehicles Administration.

Harran Alawamid: Fierce Mig fighter jets’ bombardment resulted in the death and injury of many civilians, only three victims were identified. Furthermore, FSA fighters disabled a T82 tank and three BMB vehicles in addition to shooting an Iranian aircraft down and a MiG fighter jet.

Harasta: Assad forces targeted the city with rocket launchers and heavy artillery killing six civilians while clashes between FSA fighters and regime forces took place at several neighborhoods and around the Military Vehicles Administration.

Alqasmieh: Three killed and ten wounded due to regime tanks’ shelling.

Madiara: Many injuries reported, some were critical, due to regime’s fierce rocket shelling attacks.

Misraba: Residents were forced to flee the town as a result of the brutal indiscriminate rocket, mortar and tanks’ shelling attacks.

Douma: Indiscriminate shelling attacks continued to target different areas in the city.

Mu’adamiyat Asham: Assad forces continued to attack residential areas with heavy artillery wounding many civilians.

Evening Highlights: Fierce shelling attacks targeted Annabek, Reema and Yelda cities.

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