Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Monday, January 28, 2013



Thirty four victims were killed in rural Damascus this Monday;


Douma 10, Anneshabiah 4, Saqba 2, Dareyya 3, Harran Alawameed 3 and one victim in each of the following Athiabiah, Almlaiha, Yabrood, Deir Al’asafeer, Azzabadani, Alkesweh, Adderkhebiah, Zakiah, Alblaliah, Hmoria and Homs (killed in Annabek.)



Adra’a: Residents found nine unidentified extra judicially executed victims including a thirteen-year-old child. Six victims are form Douma city and the others from Anneshabiah. The victim’s eyes were removed.



Regime forces launched fierce aerial raids with Sukhoi warplanes on Saqba, Deir Al’asafeer, Harran Alawameed, Shab’aa, Douma and Almlaiha.



Saqba: Warplanes hovered over the main square and bombarded the bakery as well as peaceful homes wounding scores of residents including women and children; many critically. The aerial attack caused colossal damage to residential buildings and infrastructure.



Deir Al’asafeer: Two aerial raids with MiG fighter jets led to the death of one resident, injury of many others and major destruction in the town.



Harran Al’awameed: Regime forces continued to target residential areas with fierce rocket shelling and aerial bombardment for three days in a row killing ‘Alaa Nayef and causing colossal damage to buildings. Furthermore, regime forces launched unprecedented attacks on Harran Al’awameed and Al’ataibeh on the previous day. They launched tank, mortar, rocket and artillery shelling as well aerial bombardment with TNT explosive barrels on peaceful homes.



Almlaiha: Regime forces continued to target the town with systematic shelling and aerial raids attacks killing Zahr Assa’edi and causing major destruction in residential areas. Additionally, gun battles took place in the vicinity of Air Defense Administration for 22 days in a row while the besieged residents lack power, water and all forms of communication.



Dareyya: Assad forces continued to target the city with fierce artillery and rocket shelling for 73 days in a row killing this Monday only four residents and wounding eleven others. In addition, regime snipers stationed along the outskirts opened fire indiscriminately on peaceful civilian killing Hassan Abu Baker and Ahmad Abu Almajd.



Mu’adamyyat Asham: Artillery and rocket shelling resumed against the city killing Isma’eel Mahmood Makiyah. The victim is resident of Alkesweh.



Zamalka: Fierce rocket and mortar shelling.



Azzabadani: Ghadah Omar was killed while several others were wounded during shelling attacks launched by regime forces on the city.



Jdaidet Artooz: Massive fire ignited in Qamarain center during shelling attacks on the town.



Bait Sahim, ’Aqraba, Babila, Yelda and the southern suburban area: Regime tanks, mortar and artillery shelling targeted the area for 62 days in a row. Humanitarian condition is deteriorating as residents continue to suffer severe shortage in most essential needs (food, babies’ milk, flour, medical supplies and fuels) and lack water, power and all forms of communication for two months in a row.



Alqtaifa: It is being reported that pro Assad forces buried this Monday at least twenty victims, mainly women and children, in the cemetery adjacent the Third Division while 18 victims are still kept at Alqtaifa Hospital. Similar reports collected from defected soldiers state that at least fifty victims were transported by Assad forces to Alqtaifa. The victims have been buried a small groups at a time.

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