Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Thirty-eight residents were killed across the suburban area this Saturday; Dareya 16, Mu’adamyyat Asham 8 (2 from Almazzeh and 2 from Kafar Sooseh), Maida’a 4, Adra 2, Azzabadani 2, Alhusseinieh 1, Buqain 1, Shab’a 1, Hafeer Foqa 1, Douma 1 and Almlaiha 1.


A new massacre was perpetrated by regime’s military forces stationed at Almarwaha checkpoint in Dareya. Thirteen residents were extra judicially executed and burnt.


Regime forces launched aerial raids on Douma, Mu’Adamyyat Asham, Maida’a, Almlaiha, Dareyya, Erbeen, Zamalka and Aqraba.


Maida’a: Regime warplanes have attacked the town with two missiles causing a colossal damage, killing four civilians and wounding many.


Douma: Assad forces performed several air strikes since the early morning hours targeting Almasaken and other areas killing and wounding scores of civilians.


Almlaiha: The systematic shelling continued with indiscriminate air strikes which targeted different areas during the fierce gun clashes for the 20th day in a row. Residents suffer the severe lack of necessities, reports said.


Mu’adamyyat Asham: Regime’s MiG fighter jets performed brutal aerial raids targeting residential areas and killing eight civilians while scores were wounded.


Azzabadani: Two civilians were killed due to the fierce shelling attacks that targeted the city starting the early morning hours wounding many.


Bait Sahim, Aqraba, Babbila and the southern suburbs: The indiscriminate tanks, heavy artillery and mortar shelling attacks continued for 60 days in a row. The humanitarian condition deteriorates while civilians suffered the severe lack of necessities for two months.


Athiyabieh: Assad forces continued the mortar shelling attacks for the 61st day in a row. Residents were suffering the tough siege forced by pro-Assad militias preventing all life necessities and cutting-off the power.


Almuqailbieh: Fierce shelling attacks targeted Alwa’ara, Addweir and Alwadi areas wounding scores of civilians.


Alqalamoon: Regime’s military vehicles launched a campaign of raids on Badda, Hafeer Foqa and Hafeer tahta and dispatched reinforcements to some checkpoints.

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