Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Thursday January 24, 2013



Twenty citizens were killed across the suburban area this Thursday; Mu’adamyyat Asham 11 (1 victim from Idlib), Dareyya 4, Jdaidet Artooz 1, Athiabiah 1, Hataitet Ajjarash 1, Sbaineh 1 and Azzabadani 1.



Bait Sahim: Regime forces launched fierce mortar shelling wounding civilians; many are in critical condition.



Athiabiah: At least twenty mortar shells rained down on the town, four of which targeted the vicinity of Assayda ‘A’esha Hospital. No injuries have been reported.



Dareyya: Regime forces launched aerial raids and Grad missiles on residential areas. They also continued to plant mines in residential areas adjacent to Almazzah Military Airport. Fierce gun battles occurred at several fronts while the FSA gained more lands and confiscate a regime tank. Four residents were killed and several others were wounded during the regime’s attacks. The humanitarian condition continues to deteriorate.



Hataitet Ajjarash: Fierce aerial bombardment with cluster bombs targeted the town. As a result, several refugees from surrounding areas were killed and wounded, including FIias Nasser Bkheet (child.)



Harasta: Intermittent gun battles took place in the city. The 41st regiment launched mortar shelling on the vicinity of  the Military Motor Vehicles Administration in addition to several districts.



Douma: MiG fighter jets hovered over residential areas starting the early morning hours. A mortar shell fell on Almanfoosh mosque wounding a resident and causing damage to the mosque’s minaret.

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