Moadamieh Alsham | January 24, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh Alsham | January 24, 2013 | Daily summary Report
Moadamieh still suffering under Assad regime daily killing and shelling, MiG air-fighters executed many raids on the town and bombed too many areas to support the destruction caused by shelling which targeted everything, houses, residential buildings, mosques, cemeteries and anything could be moving or anything may be alive.

too much hard skirmishes happened because Assad’s gangs tried to break into the town through all roads but the free Syrian Army heroes killed many soldiers and destroyed a lot of weapons, then forced them to go back..
while hundreds of soldiers attacked the south area (AlArbain street)

Today’s martyrs are:
1- Mohammad Zuhair AlWawi
2- Abdo Adnan Edrees
3- Mamoum Mohammad Khier AlShiekh
4- Ammar Da’adees
5- Amina Ali Hamed AlKhateeb
6- Ahmad Arab Joma’a
7- Mahmoud Khaled Rajab
8- Adnan Abdo AlHamshary

when Assad’s gangs arrested:
1- Basel Ali AlKhateeb
2- Abdo Karkora
3- Mahmoud Mhiden Taha AlShiekh
4- Mohammad Mahmoud Mhiden Taha AlShiekh

Assad’s gangs are still applying their barbaric blockade and disloyal operations, arrest, rob, abduction and power cut off. The suffering is unbelievable and the life is going to fall apart. Regime gangs is still preventing passage any foods, flour or fuel to the town.
Moreover the medical situation is critical under blockade and lack of crews & tools..

Martyr Mohammad Zuhair AlWawi :

children under Assad’s war:

What Assad do with our people (+18):

MiG raids:

injuries and wounded (+18):

destruction and fires:

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