Moadamieh Alsham | January 22, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh Alsham | January 22, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Assad’s war machine is still killing our people on the Syrian territories. Heavy shelling by rockets launchers, tanks and ZSU-Shilka has been executed, the barbaric shelling targeted all residential buildings and civilian houses to kill and wound dozens of women and children
(2 martyrs) have been presented today on freedom altar :
1 –Majdi Ammar
2 –Suad Ahmad Esma’el

While the tight barbaric blockade still in progress to cause the worst suffering on the town, Assad’s gangs is still preventing passage any foods, flour or fuel to the town.
Moreover the medical situation is critical under blockade and lack of crews & tools..

Assad’s crimes:

Martyr Fatima Essa:

Heavy shelling by rockets launchers (Assad’s gangs):

real war:

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