Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Saturday, January 19, 2013



Twenty eight civilians were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Saturday including; Dareyya 12, Douma 3, Mu’adamyyat Asham 3 and one victim in each of the following: Sbaineh, Mida’ani, Hezermah, Alqasimyah, Harasta, Annabik, Almlaiha, Kafr Batna, Jairood, and Althyabyah.



Dareyya: Regime forces targeted the city with rocket and tanks shelling; more than 70 rockets rained on residential areas in very short period of time. Consequently, at least ten civilians were killed underneath the rubble post targeting their home with surface-to-surface and Grad missiles. Residents extracted six children victims and are still proceeding with the recovery efforts in search for survivors. Furthermore, the Free Syrian Army killed and wounded scores of regime soldiers in an ambush and destroyed a tank in Alkholani area.



Regime forces launched fierce aerial raids with MiG fighter jets on Annashabiah, Hezremah, Alqasimyah, Maid’a, Douma, Shab’a, Deir Alasafeer, Almlaiha, Annabik’s farms, Jarajeer, ‘Erbeen, Dareyya, and Mu’adamyat Asham. Custer and phosphorous bombs were used during the attacks.



Almarej: Regime forces launched five aerial raids on Annashabia, Hezremah and Alqasimyah killing and wounding several civilians.



Mu’adamyyat Asham: At least four TNT explosive barrels equipped with cluster bombs fell on residential areas while Assad forces stationed at the fourth division headquarters and Almezze Military Airport shelled the city with heavy artillery wounding large numbers of civilians, demolishing several neighborhoods entirely and causing massive devastation.



Al’abadeh: Assad forces launched aerial raids and artillery shelling on residential areas wounding at least ten civilians; three of them were severely injured. Several homes were destroyed during the attacks.



Douma: Regime forces launched aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets on the area adjacent to Arrwada mosque killing Mohammad Sa’eed Almensi and Abdul Arrhman Ghunaim (child.)



Almlaiha: Fierce aerial bombardment targeted the town amid fierce clashes in the vicinity of the Air Defense Administration.



Madyara: Fierce artillery shelling targeted the town while several explosions were heard from the direction of the Administration of the Military Motor Vehicles.



Zamalka and ‘Erbeen: Regime forces stationed at Qasyoon Mountain launched indiscriminate and fierce rocket and mortar shelling on cities while MiG fighter jets bombarded residential areas with cluster bombs. The aerial attack critically wounded several residents and caused colossal damage to buildings.



Bait Sahim and ‘Aqraba: Artillery and mortar shelling targeted residential areas while regime forces continue to besiege the area for 52 days in a row and deprive its residents from most essential needs.



Jarajeer: Regime forces launched aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets on residential areas wounding civilians, including women and children, and destroying several homes.



Reema: Rocket shelling targeted the town.

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