Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Forty-six residents were killed in rural Damascus this Thursday; Alhusseinieh Palestinian Refugees Camp 15, Dareya 13 (1 from Alqunaiterah), Almleiha 5, Deir Salman 2 and one victim in each of the following: Mu’adamyyat Asham, Madaya, Azzabadani, Zibdeen, Kafar Batna, Douma, Attal, Zamalka, Yalda, Hafeer Foqa and Badda.


Regime’s helicopters and MiG fighter jets hovered over Alhusseinieh, Deir Salman, Dareya, Mu’adameyat Asham, Almlaiha, Zamalka, Erbeen, Reema and Kafar Batna bombarding residential areas with fuel-air, cluster and phosphorus bombs.


Alhusseinieh Palestinian Refugees Camp: Assad forces attacked the camp with MiG fighter jets and committed a new massacre killing fifteen residents, including seven children and three women.


Dareyya: Thirteen civilians were killed including a woman and five extra judicially killed residents found on the outskirts of the city. Military warplanes performed several aerial raids using fuel-air and cluster bombs targeting residential areas. Many civilians wounded and a colossal damage to buildings was reported, while regime’s forces continued the fierce indiscriminate shelling attacks using heavy artillery and tanks. Fierce gun clashes were reported as Assad forces attempted to storm the city.


Mu’adamyyat Asham: Fierce artillery shelling attacks targeted the city, while regime’s MiG fighter jets destroyed an entire neighborhood today.


Deir Salman: Regime’s warplanes performed an air strike using cluster bombs on residential areas. Scores of civilians were critically injured and two children were killed.


Almleiha: Rocket launchers and mortar shelling attacks continued for the 11th day in a row, killing five civilians. Moreover, scores of residents, including women and children, were still missing after being arrested by regime’s military checkpoint on January 6th.


Zamallka: : Regime forces continued its shelling attacks in the early morning hours using MiG fighter jets, rocket launchers and heavy artillery. Muhammad Arruzmek was killed and scores of civilians were critically injured. Furthermore, fierce clashes between Free Syrian Army fighters and Assad forces continued.


Beit Sahim and Aqraba: The indiscriminate heavy weapons shelling attacks continued for the 51st day in a row, while clashes between Free Syrian Army fighters and Assad forces continued on Damascus International Airport’s road. Residents suffer a severe shortage in food and medical supplies amid the lack of power, water and communication.


Badda: Fierce heavy artillery shelling attacks targeted residential areas while several shells fell near the city’s bakery.


Qatana: Pro-Assad forces performed a brutal campaign of raids on residents’ homes.


Qara: Many civilians, including a woman, were wounded due to regime’s indiscriminate shelling attacks during the evening hours.

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