Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report



Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Twenty six residents were killed across the suburban area this Tuesday; Hafeer Tahta 5, Douma 4, Dareyya 3, Attal 3, ‘Erbeen 2, Azzabadani 2 and one victim in each of the following: Mu’adamyyat Asham, ‘Addraa, Jairood, Qara, Jisreen, Almlaiha and Yabrood (from Homs.)



Douma:  Regime forces launched aerial raid on the city targeting residential areas with four rockets. Furthermore, Assad militias stationed in ’Adraa Albalad fired on a vehicle during the morning hours killing one passenger and wounding another.


Almlaiha:  Several residents suffered form poisoning and suffocation post aerial bombardment with poisonous gas and phosphorus bombs.


Dareyya:  Rocket and heavy-artillery shelling resumed against the city while fierce gun battles took places at several fronts on the outskirts.


Babila:  Regime forces have been besieging the town for 75 days in a row and depriving its residents from the most essential needs including water, food, fuels and power.


‘Erbeen:  Regime forces launched aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets on Schools complex wounding residents.


Bait Sahim:  Tanks and mortar shelling resumed during the early morning hours.  Gun battles heard from the direction of the side ( northern) adjacent to Damascus International Airport.


Yelda:  A mortar fell shell on residential building destroying it partially.  No injuries have been reported.


Alkessweh:  Assad militias established new checkpoint at the city’s entrance and stationed snipers on surrounding buildings.


Sa’asa’a: Regime forces launched indiscriminate assault and detention raids on the town.  Dozens of residents were arrested, assaulted and beaten during the attack.


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