Moadamieh Alsham | January 15, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh Alsham | January 15, 2013 | Daily summary Report
Today’s shelling started since the early morning by the heavy artillery and ZSU-Shilka to be an arbitrary crazy shelling targeting residential buildings and civilian houses. The ZSU-Shilka targeted water tanks on the upper roofs of the buildings. too many wounded people have been injured.
the martyr (Abo Feras AlFarekh) has been found and buried.

Assad’s gangs arrested Ahmad AbdulMajed Alshiekh from his house in Sasa’a Area.

while the town is still suffering due to miserable and barbaric blockade, lack of food and flour, no any medical help passage into the town, critical medical situation and power cut off ..

the martyr (Abo Feras AlFarekh):

the martyr of yesterday “Khadija Abo Zaid” (mother for 3 children)

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