Moadamieh Alsham | January 14, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh Alsham | January 14, 2013 | Daily summary Report
Continues shelling started yesterday evening until the morning, this heavy shelling was targeting all residential buildings and civilian houses by all available Assad’s weapons, in the morning we discovered the huge massive destruction everywhere.
Then Assad’s MiG Fighters raid on town and targeted the civilian buildings to kill dozens of children and women most of them from “Dommarani Family” and too many injured people.
Martyrs of massacre are:
1- Khadija Abo Zaid (young woman )
2- Mohammad Emad Dommarani (baby 6 months)
3- Maram Emad Dommarani (baby 6 months)
4- Mohammad Ziad Dommarani (baby 9 months)
5- Mohammad Eyad Dommarani (child 14 years)
6- Ahmad Eyad Dommarani (child 12 years)
7- Mahmmoud Eyad Dommarani (child 9 years)
8- reem Dommarani

Most of the martyrs have been converted to Carnage by MiGs Assad’s Malice fighters, then the people harried to help the wounded and pick up bodies under the bombs..

while Assad gangs break in attempts supported by the tanks haven’t stopped but our heroes of the free army have killed some and forced them to go back..

The barbaric continues blockade is still give civilian its criminal effects and results, electrical power cut off, lack of food and flour, no any medical help passage into the town, then the life is impossible and slow death…

MiG fighters bombs:

Directly after MiG bombing:

Destruction and wounded after MiG bombing:

Martyrs under destroyed buildings:

Martyrs of massacre:

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