Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report



Monday, January 14, 2013



Fifty one residents were killed in rural Damascus this Monday; Almlaiha 8, Mu’adamyyat Asham 8, Douma 6, Hosh Arab 5, Al’etaibah 4, Anneshabiah 3, Al’abadah 3, Jisreen 2, Ain Mneen 2, Attal 2 and one victim in each of the following: Saqba, Artooz, Qara, Deir Al’asafeer, Harran Al’awameed, Khan Asheeh, Hezerma and Rankoos.



Mu’adamyyat Asham: Seven residents were killed and dozens were wounded, mostly women and children, during aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets on residential areas. The victims are: Mohammad ‘Emad Admarani (6 months), Maram ‘Emad Admarani (6 months), Mohammad Zyad Admarani (9 months), Mohammad Eyad Admarani (14 years), Ahmad Eyad Admarani (12 years), Mohmood Eyad Admarani (9 years) and Khadeejah Ibraheem Abu Zaid (the mother of two children who were also killed.) Several women were critically wounded during the attacks.



Alghootah Asharquieh: Assad forces launched at least 20 aerial raids killing 15 residents (3 in Al’abadah, 4 in Al’etaibah (including a child) and 4 in Anneshabiah) and wounding dozens of residents. Some of the victims couldn’t be identified due to the severity of their injuries. Regime forces also launched shelling attacks on Alqasemiah targeting schools, pharmacies, residential buildings and businesses. Several residents were critically wounded, including children. The shelling attacks caused colossal damage in the targeted areas.



Hosh Arab: Seven residents, including two children, were killed during artillery shelling attacks launched by regime forces on the town.



Warplanes (MiG and Sukhoi) hovered over Mu’Adamyyat Asham, Al’etaibah, Anneshabiah, Al’abadah, Almlaiha, Dareyya and Aqraba bombarding residential areas with air fuel, cluster and phosphorus bombs.



Dareyya: Regime forces launched aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets on residential areas starting the early morning hours then intensified the attacks during the evening. Furthermore, they destroyed the homes surrounding Almazzeh Military Airport to create an open area between Dareyya and the airport.



Almlaiha: Several residents were wounded during rocket shelling and aerial bombardment attacks. The attacks caused major destruction while residents lack most essential needs. Fierce gun battles occurred in the vicinity of the Air Force Administration. Furthermore, 350 residents (including women and children) are still in the regime’s custody after being arrested at a checkpoint in Almlaiha eight days ago.



Wedian Arabee’e: Fierce rocket shelling targeted the city during the evening hours and residents suffer power outage.



‘Aqraba: Aerial bombardment and rocket and mortar shelling attacks resumed against the city while residents continue to suffer a severe shortage in most essential needs.



Misraba: Fierce heavy artillery shelling led to the injury of several residents. It is also being reported that one resident was killed during the attack.



Madyara: Fierce heavy artillery and rocket shelling targeted the city starting the early morning hours.



Al’etaibah: Fierce mortar shelling during the evening hours and residents suffer power outage.



Saqba: Jameel Shagoori, also known as Abu Alhareth, died of his wounds sustained during sniper shooting on the previous day.



Evening highlights:


Annabek: The 61st brigade launched unprecedented fierce shelling on the northeastern side of the city. twenty shells per minute were reported.

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