Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report



Thursday, January 10, 2013



Fourteen victims were killed across the suburban area this Thursday; Dareyya 4, Mu’adamyyat Asham 2, Attal 2, and one victim in each of the following: Jisreen, Arruhaybah, Saqba, Hezerma, Yabrood and Harran Al’awameed.



Regime forces launched aerial raids with MiG fighter jets and Sukhoi warplanes on Almlaiha, Zamalka and Shab’aa bombarding residential areas with cluster, air fuel and phosphorus bombs.



Alghootah Asharqieh: Regime forces released 17 residents, including women, while they kept in custody the rest of the detainees. At least 200 men and 150 women and children were arrested on January 6, 2013 by Assad militias stationed at a roadblock in Almlaiha. The detainees lack the most essential needs, including food, and suffer severe weather conditions. The citizens of Alghootah Asharquieh hold regime forces accountable of the well being of the arrested residents and ask the international communities and organizations to assume their responsibilities toward the detainees.



Almlaiha: Regime forces launched mortar, rocket and artillery shelling as well as eight aerial raids on residential areas causing colossal damage to buildings. Fierce gun battles continue to take place in the vicinity of the Air Defense Administration.



Dareyya: Assad militias extra judicially executed three residents form Bormah family on the outskirts of the city (Rateb Bormah, Waleed Bormah and Mazhar Bormah) while kidnapped the daughter of Rateb Bormah (5 years) and the brother of Mazhar Bormah. Furthermore, fierce shelling resumed against the city while the FSA managed to keep regime forces at bay for 59 days in a row, destroyed BMB vehicle and killed its passengers and other militias in the area.



Zamalka: Several residents were wounded during aerial bombardment on residential areas. Assad forces also launched rocket, mortar and artillery shelling on the town while fierce gun battles took place near Zamalka bridge on the loop- south.



Shab’aa: Fierce bombardment led to the injury of a large number of civilians.



Harasta: Regime forces stationed at military institutions in ‘Esish Alwarwar launched shelling attacks on several districts in Harasta. Fierce gun battles took place near Al’ajami district and in the vicinity of the Administration of Military Motor Vehicles.



Bait Sahim: Warplanes hovered over the town while systematic tanks and mortar shelling continues to target the town for 43 days in a row. The shelling attacks also targeted ’Aqraba, Atheiabiah and the southern suburban area in general (Yelda, Hajeerah, Babila and Alboida.) Residents continue to suffer severe shortage in medical supplies and lack water, power and all forms of communications.



‘Erbeen: Fierce mortar shelling targeted the city during the evening hours.



Alkessweh: Regime forces dispatched military reinforcements to the city while forces stationed at roadblocks fired fiercely toward residential areas.



Mu’adamyyat Asham: Mohammad Ali Dawood and Zuhair Akram Natoof were killed during systematic shelling on the city.



Alqalamoon: It is being reported that regime forces launched four ballistic missiles (Scud) toward the northern part of Syria at 2:30 am. The missiles were fired from mobile launchers in undisclosed location near Alqalamoon.



Azzabadani: The humanitarian condition is deteriorating as residents suffer severe weather conditions, lack flour and heating fuels while 70% of the city lack power.



Hezerma: Bilal ’Essam Alghothani (child) died of wounds sustained during aerial bombardment launched by regime forces on 24th of December.



Jisreen: Maram Alhumsi, native of Ain Tarma, was killed during the evening hours after she being hit with shrapnel during mortar shelling residential areas.



Zakieh: Massive explosions rocked the city during the evening hours as result of shelling attacks launched on the western side of the city.

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