Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report



Tuesday, January 8, 2013



Nineteen residents were killed in rural Damascus this Tuesday; Atheiabiah 3, ‘Aqraba 3, Babila 3, Dareyya 2, Alhuseiniah 2, Mu’adamyyat Asham 1, ’Erbeen 1, Almlaiha 1, Assayda Zainab 1, Bait Sahim and one victim from an area that is still unidentified.



Harasta: The FSA attacked the Political Security Branch and took control of the entire building while regime forces shelled the vicinity of the Administration of Military Motor Vehicles.



Dareyya: Several explosions rocked the city while regime forces intensified artillery and rocket shelling against residential areas. Gun battles took place at multiple directions as regime forces were attempting to invade the city.



Mu’adamyyat Asham: The Fourth Division and regime forces stationed at Mazzeh Military Airport launched indiscriminate rocket and artillery shelling on residential areas starting the morning hours. The shelling mainly targeted residential areas and wounded several residents.



Hajeeret Albalad and Alboida: Rocket and artillery shelling.



Jisreen: Mortar shells rained down on the town terrorizing inhabitants


leading to the injury of several residents, many critically.



Bait Sahim: Tanks and mortar shelling resumed against the town. One resident was fatally shot by a sniper stationed at Sahba roadblock.



Almlaiha: Fierce mortar and heavy-artillery shelling.



Azzabadani: Regime forces stationed at three roadblocks withdrew from the city after being tightly besieged by the FSA while forces stationed at another roadblock are attempting to withdraw.



Alqalamoon: The snowstorm intensified over Alqalamoon where most areas maintained very low temperature (three degrees below zero) and experienced strong winds and continual precipitation of snow.  Most residents lack power and suffer a severe shortage in heating fuel.



‘Aqraba: Fierce tanks, rocket and mortar shelling led to the death of four residents and the injury of dozens.



Jdaidet Artooz: The 153rd regiment launched artillery shelling on Jadaidet Artooz’s farms and the valleys located between Jdaidet Artooz and Artooz.

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