Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013


Twenty civilians were killed this Sunday in Damascus suburbs including: Eastern Ghoota 3, Harasta 3 (2 from Dar’aa) Aljarba 2, Albilalieh 2, Azzabadani 2, Dareya 2 and a victim in each of Douma, Mu’adamyyat Asham, ‘Erbeen, Zibdeen, Hjairet Albalad and Aqraba.


Jisreen: Assad forces stationed at Almleiha military checkpoint kidnapped entire families from Jisreen and other towns in  the Eastern Ghoota, most of them are women and children.


Khan Asheeh: The pro- regime Shabeha abducted a mini bus carrying about 11 residents from the Khan Asheeh camp at Droosha road block including women and transported them to Qatana.


Dareya: Regime military forces continued the indiscriminate shelling attacks using rocket launchers and heavy artillery for the 55th day in a row. Two residents were killed and many wounded. Heavy clashes between regime forces and FSA fighters were reported.


Eastern Ghoota: Fierce mortar, heavy artillery, tanks and rocket launchers shelling attacks targeted the Eastern Ghoota towns such as: Misraba, ‘Erbeen, Ein Tarma, Jisreen, Hazzeh, Al’utaibeh and Harasta. Scores of civilians were injured.


Douma: Assad military forces rained the city with shells targeting Arrawdha Mosque area. Khaled Fayez Ashirawi died of injury sustained 45 days ago during MiG fighter jets air strike on Alhajjarieh neighborhood.


Marj Assultan: A mass grave was found including seven bodies for FSA fighters. Only four of them were identified. The following are their names: 1-Daher Juma’a. 2-Wael Juma’a. 3-Rida Essa Bakeer(from Albilalieh). 4-Muhannad Natheer Abdel Salam (from Albilalieh).


Harasta:Assad forces extra judicially executed two brothers: Muhammad Adnan Almiqdad and Miqdad Adnan Almiqdad. Victim Ahmad Hasaneen was killed in regime shelling attacks on the city and his body was pulled from under the rubble.


Azzabadani: FSA fighter Wissam Burhan was killed during Assad forces attack on the city.


Jdaidet Artooz: The 100th and 153rd military regiments targeted Artooz farms and the western farms of Dareya and Mu’adamyyat Asham with indiscriminate shelling attacks.


Bait Sahim,  Aqraba, Yelda, Hjerah, Shibaa and Athiyabieh: Assad force shelled the towns fiercely with mortars and tanks for the 39th day in a row targeting residential buildings amid power cut, lack of water and disconnection of all means of telecommunication. The towns also suffer severe lack of medical supplies.


Mu’adamyyat Asham: Rocket and artillery shelling intensified on residential neighborhoods. Mass destruction was reported in the city. A civilian was killed and many others injured including children. FSA fighters destroyed an armored vehicle and killed the soldiers inside it.


Kanaker: Heavy Shilka tanks’ shelling from the 121 Military Brigade targeted the town during the evening hours, while cutting off power and communication.


Alqalamoon: Assad forces stationed at brigade 156 in Alqtaifeh shelled the villages and towns with artillery.

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