Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013


Twenty three civilians were killed this Saturday in Damascus suburbs including: Douma 7, Dareyah 4, Mu’adamyyat Asham 3, Annabek 2 and a victim in each of Kanaker, Harasta, Talfeeta, ‘Aqraba, Jdaidet Ashybani, Alhusseinieh and Athiyabieh


Ein Tarma: Atl least 100 mortars and rockets targeted different neighborhoods in the town during the continuous gun battles on Almutahalleq road. Residents suffered the lack of water for three months while regime cut off the power and water sources.


Shib’aa and Madyra: Assad forces launched fierce artillery shelling attacks on several towns in the Eastern Ghoota.


Annashabia: Warplanes launched an air raid on the town injuring large number of civilians, most of them were critical and four victims were reported in addition to mass destruction. The town has been shelled by Assad forces for the 13th day in a row. It suffers severe lack of all life necessities


Bait Sahm and Aqraba: Assad forces resumed their systematic shelling on the towns for the 38th day in a row. Shells fell on homes. The towns suffer power cut, lack of water and disconnection of all telecommunications. Victim Ahmad Abdel Ghaffar Quwaider was killed by sniper gunfire.


Jisreen: Fierce regime shelling with mortars and rocket launchers resumed on the town injuring several civilians and causing mass destruction. Shelling didn’t stop for three days.


Douma: Regime forces continued targeting residential areas with fierce aerial raids killing many civilians and wounding others.


Dareyah: Regime rocket launchers and heavy artillery launched fierce shelling attacks targeting most of the city’s residential areas. Assad forces killed Ali Haidar and his sister Sabah inside their home. It was reported that Assad forces requested reinforcements during the attempts to storm the city.



Mu’adamyyat Asham: Three residents were killed during regime’s artillery and tank shelling attacks on residential areas which wounded scores of civilians. The FSA fighters destroyed two TV2 tanks, BMB and two Doushka mounted military vehicles.


Harasta: Regime shelling attacks resumed targeting residential areas and the Military Vehicles Department area.


Babbeela: A mortar shell fell near an elementary school and injured a woman and a child.


Alqutaifeh: The 155th military brigade launched three Scud rockets heading north.


Azzabadani: The fierce shelling continued to target residential buildings and safe refuges wounding many and causing a colossal damage.


Htaitet Aljarash: Assad forces targeted the town using rocket launchers during the evening hours. Many civilians were wounded and a colossal damage to public properties was reported.


Talfita: Victim Asaad Ali Yousef, a driver, was transporting vegetables from an area inhabited by pro-regime people, when they stopped him then extra judicially executed him. A funeral procession was hold in his town.


Qatana: Assad forces launched a raid campaign arresting civilians and looting businesses amid heavy deployment.

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