Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Friday, Jan. 4, 2013


Fifty seven civilians were killed this Friday in Damascus Suburbs including; Mu’adamyyat Asham 16, Daryyah 12, Douma 7, Yabrood 3, Yalda 3, two victims in each of Harasta, Bait Sahem, Kafar Batna, Hatitat Aljarash, and Saqba, and a victim in each of Sbaineh, Annabic, Dair Atiah, Annashabyah, Shab’a and Adrah.

Mu’adamyat Asham: MiG fighter jets dropped TNT barrels and cluster bombs on residential areas killing more than fifteen civilians including women and children and wounding more others. Furthermore, a neighborhood was completely demolished.

Yalda: Assad forces shelled the town indiscriminately. A shell fell on a car killing five civilians including children and wounding dozens others.

Warplanes bombarded residential areas in Jesreen, Erbeen, Yabrood, Zamalka, Kafar Batna, Saqba, Dair Alasafeer, Mu’adamyyat Asham, Daryyah, and the area between Harasta and Douma with vacuum, cluster, and phosphoric bombs.

Daryyah: Eight civilians were killed; four of them were extra judicially executed by Assad forces. MiG fighter jet launched several air raids on residential areas as well as heavy artillery and rocket launchers shelling. A building in the northern area was completely demolished while the Free Syrian Army damage a T72 tank .

Yabrood: MiG fighter jet launched more than ten air raids on residential areas amid fierce shelling with rocket launchers killing and wounding dozens civilians and destroying several homes.

Kafar Batna: Warplanes launched two air raids on the city killing Adnan Wahbah and wounding several civilians including children.

Saqba: Two civilians were killed during the shelling attacks on Alghouta Asharqia. Warplanes bombarded the city with cluster bombs wounding several civilians and causing damage.

Douma: Six civilians were killed while MiG fighter jets launched two air raids on Karm Arrasas area.


Jesreen: Several civilians were injured when warplanes shelled a building in the town causing massive devastation in the area. A state of panic prevailed among civilians.

Alghouta Asharqia: Fierce mortars and rockets shelling on Jesreen, Saqba, and Kafer batna.

Aqraba: Fierce shelling with warplanes as well as with rocket launchers and mortars amid fierce clashes.

Dair Alasafeer: Fierce bombardment with warplanes near Arrazaq Mosque.

Zamalka: Four air raids on the city causing massive devastation in several buildings and burning a home .

Almlaiha: Continual shelling with rocket launchers while a civilian was killed when a rocket fell on his car.

Madyarah: Assad forces resumed shelling attacks on the town.

Bait Sahem: Assad forces continued shelling attacks on the town with tanks and mortars amid power, communication, water cut.

Azzabadani: Assad forces shelled the city causing massive devastation in some homes.

Jdaidet Artoz Albalad: Assad forces, stationed at 153th Army Regiment, shelled the farms with mortars.

Harasta: Residents found two unidentified victims were extra judicially executed by Assad forces in their homes in Ashaikh Mosa neighborhood.

Demonstrations mobilized in Douma, Erbeen, Hazzeh, Athyabyah, Babilah, Harasta, and Alkusweh.

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