Moadamieh Alsham | January 2, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh Alsham | January 2, 2013 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh has seen today the shame of humanity and villainy of the international community, Double massacre in one.
Disloyal Assad forces started heavy shelling at the early morning, many MiG air-strikes were made attacking bakeries, civilian houses and residential buildings. At 10:00AM O’clock, MiG fighter targeted a complete family by its death missiles and rockets to kill all of them, after this criminal massacre too many people hurried to help, during searching operations about 01:00 PM the disloyal Assad gangs targeted and shelled again the same location to kill all existing people..
Martyrs of the 1st massacre:
1- father/ Adnan Mahmoud Khaled Joma’a
2-mother/ Amena AbdulRazak Joma’a
3- daughter/ Doa’a Joma’a
4- daughter/ Fatema Joma’a (20 years old)
5- daughter/ Hiba Joma’a (19 years old)
6- daughter/ Hanan Joma’a (15 years old)
4- daughter/ Bayan Joma’a (14 years old)
8- daughter/ Rawan Joma’a (12 years old)
9- daughter/ Hanin Joma’a (10 years old)
10- son/ Mahmoud Joma’a (6 years old)
11- – daughter/ Tasneem Joma’a (4 years old)
12- Unknown

Martyrs of the 2nd massacre:
1- Khalid Abdo Joma’a
2- Mohammad Joma’a
3- Abdo Mahmoud Ma’atouk
4- Rabi’a Joma’a
5- Abdo Mostafa alAbed
6- Noor Joma’a alAbed
7- Khaled alHamshari
8- Mahmoud AbdulMajeed Sawan
9- Ala’a Joma’a
10- Ahmad Mahmoud Joma’a
11- Mohamad Mahmoud Joma’a
12- Mohamad Saber Doba
… AND many unknown martyrs to give total 35 until now.

While hundreds of missiles and rockets have been shelled the town to distribute death anywhere all the day. More than 50 wounded people most of them under critical injury.
moreover the massive destruction is unbelievable.
Also Assad forces tried to break in the town but our heroes were awake and did the best to defense and block them, so they destroyed a tank and killed many soldiers.

Under shelling:

searching and help attempts:

our children are under Assad killing machine :

Martyrs are under rubbles:

unexploded missile :

Break in attempts:

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