Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Twenty-nine civilians were killed in Damascus Suburbs including isreen 4, Kafar Batna 4, Kanaker 3, Mu’adamyyat Asham 2, Daryyah 2, Alkhamsia 2, Douma 3, Harasta 2; from Barzah; a victim in each of Azzabadani, Alotaibeh, Bzaineh, Deir Alasafeer, Zamalka, Zakia, and Shab’a.

MiG and Sokhoi fighter jets launched fierce air raids shelling residential areas  in Jisreen, Kafar Batna, Hatitat Aljarash, Deir Alasafeer, Alotaibih, Shab’a, Annashabia, Zibdeen, Madyarah, Almleha, and Albahdalyah with vacuum, cluster, and  phosphoric bombs.

The Area Around the Airport:  Assad forces, stationed inside the airport, shelled the towns of Alkhamsyah, Almansorah, and Deir Salman.

Jesreen:  An entire family was killed including a mother and her two daughters after  a MiG fighter jet  launched new air raids on residential areas followed by rocket bombarding.

Kafar Batna: Four civilians were killed and more than twenty others injured during the fierce bombardment with MiG fighter jets.

Deir Alasafeer: MiG fighter jets bombarded the village and the surrounding farms  killing a woman and wounding more than twenty civilians.

Alotaibah: Fierce bombardment with MiG fighter jets killing a girl and wounding several civilians; some of them were in critical conditions.

Annashabia: Several air raids were launched on the town demolishing and burning a makeshift hospital and wounding the medical stuff.

Almlaiha: Assad forces shelled Arrazaq Mosque with MiG fighter  jets  and rocket launchers causing massive devastation in the mosque.

Misraba and Madyyarah:  Fierce rocket launchers shelling targeting the western area from Misraba while huge explosions rocked the area.

Darayyah: Fierce shelling on the city by Assad forces who have tried to storm the city for forty fourth days.


Muaddamiyat Asham: Assad forces shelled the city targeting a mosque and killing an infant called Najm Saeed Hamadeh. Many civilians were injured and destruction was reported due to regime shelling on the city.


Bait Sahm: Fierce regime shelling attacks with mortars and tanks on the town and mass destruction was reported amid lack of all necessities.


Hoosh Alfara: Assad forces stationed at regiment 38 shelled the village with rocket launchers amid mass displacement of residents.


Zabadani: Many civilians were injured in regime shelling attacks on the city and new military reinforcements headed towards it.


Hoosh Arab: Artillery shelling targeted the southern area of the village.

Albharia: MiG fighter jets bombarded the town with heavy machine guns injuring dozens of civilians.

Alqalamon: Assad forces stationed in the area shelled Homs and Aleppo using new kind of rockets.

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