Moadamieh Alsham | December 31, 2012 | Daily summary Report


Moadamieh Alsham | December 31, 2012 | Daily summary Report
Today was tragic, sad and painful day on the town, shelling surge has started from the early morning and continued up to the night time. The barbaric heavy shelling by rockets launchers targeted everything mosques, streets, cemeteries, civilian houses and residential buildings …
too many people have been killed or injured (children, women, men…) like the martyr child Hasan Mohamad Haidar and more than 30 wounded persons…
Hundreds of missiles and rockets have been shelled to give the death, fires and massive destruction everywhere.
Also Assad gangs break in attempts were very hard and supported by the tanks and MiGs raids but our heroes of the free army replied harder and killed dozens of soldiers to prevent any forward step by Assad gangs around the town. During the hard skirmishes, our heroes presented 14 martyrs :
1-Ahmad Mahmoud AlHamshary
2-Ahmad Salim Karbouj
3-Ahmad Eiz
4-Mohammad AbdulNaser Mansor
5-AbdulRahman Ahmad MoheiEldden AlShikh
6-Ahmad majed Arnos
7-Ahmad Saéed Rajab
8-Mazen Ali
9-Abo majed AlMazawy
10-Khaled Mohammad AlOthman
11-Othman Ali Natouf
12-Khaled AbdulRazak Joumaá
13-Mohamad Ahmad Abo Zaid
14-Kasem AbduAlAál

many raid and air-strikes have been executed by Mig Fighters and UAV remote controlled aircrafts

A lot of families evacuated the town under Assad barbaric war, while the available medical crews tried their best to save the wounded people life by the short available tools.
Also the blockade and electrical power cut still in progress to prevent any help for the civilians..

wounded child:

Surface-to-surface missile from Mazza Military airport:

Rockets launching and tanks shelling:
The destruction:

families evacuation:

Martyr Ahmad Mahmoud AlHamshary:

Martyr Mohamad Ahmad Abo Zaid:

Martyr Kasem AbduAlAál:

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