Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report Friday, December 28,2012

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report Friday, December 28,2012


Thirty two residents were killed in rural Damascus this Friday; Muaddamiyat Asham 6 (one victim from Aleppo and another from Dar’aa), Atheiabieh 5, ‘Erbeen 4, Dareyya 3, Douma 3, Sbaineh 2, Hezerma 2 and one victim in each of the following: ‘Assal Alward, Kafr Batna, Almqailbieh, Deir Al’asafeer, Yelda, Qatana and Attal. Regime forces launched fierce aerial raids with MiG and Sukhoi warplanes on Shab’aa, Deir Al’asafeer, ’Erbeen, ‘Assal Alward, Hezerma, Misraba, Douma, Kafr Batna, Almlaiha, Dareyya and Muaddamiyat Asham. Air fuel and cluster bombs were used during the attacks. Dareyya: Regime forces launched four aerial raids on residential areas killing three residents while fierce gun battles took place at a roadblock at the eastern entrance of the city between the FSA and regime forces supported by additional security reinforcements (five tanks, and three BMB vehicles.) Furthermore, residents found seven victims in the area located between Dareyya and Jdaidet Artooz; however, they were able to identify one victim only as most of the victims were mutilated and decomposing. The victims were extra judicially executed at a roadblock in the vicinity of the city. Atheiabieh: Six residents were killed and others were wounded during rocket shelling on Atheiabieh while fierce gun battles between the FSA and pro Assad militias took place in Assaida Zainab. Regime forces continued to besiege the town for 34 days in a row and shelled residential areas. Muaddamiyat Asham: Assad forces launched two aerial raids with MiG fighter jets as well as fierce shelling killing eight citizens and wounding 50 at least (mostly women and children); many are in critical condition. The attacks caused colossal damage to residential buildings and forced residents to flee their homes in search for safe refuge. Several mosques, including Abu Baker Assdeeq mosque, were targeted during the attacks. ‘Assal Alward: Regime forces launched three aerial raids with MiG fighter jets killing one resident (Abdul Jaleel khaloof) and wounding others, including women. Residential buildings located in the targeted areas suffered colossal damage and residents fear future attacks on the cities and towns of Alqalamoon post the withdrawal of regime forces from the area. Hezerma: An aerial raid targeted the town during the early morning hours wounding large number of residents (many are in critical condition) and causing major destruction. Furthermore, a woman ( Fadia Haroon) and her daughter (Israa Fahid Mardini) were killed as a result of the systematic shelling on homes. Regime forces continue to target residential areas with rocket shelling. Shab’aa and Deir Al’asafeer: Aerial bombardment and fierce rocket shelling targeted residential areas. The shelling attacks targeted also Arrazaq mosque in Deir Alasafeer just few minutes after the end of Friday prayer killing Ahmad Alqadro and wounding large number of residents. The shelling resumed during the evening hours. Kafr Batna: Two aerial raids with MiG fighter jets targeted residential areas killing Abdullah Almbayaid, wounding several citizens and destroying residential buildings. Misraba and Madyara: Military helicopters and Sukhoi warplanes hovered over the towns while fierce rocket and mortar shelling targeted residential areas forcing residents to evacuate their hometowns. Douma: Douma: An aerial raid targeted Assendianeh district while regime forces launched rocket shelling on Aleppo, Taysseer Taha and Alqwateli streets as residents were leaving the mosques. The shelling attacks led to the death of two children (Abdullah Alghezawi and Yuness Baker.) Almqailbieh: A shell targeted Azaitoon district in the northern side of the town killing a woman (Zahra Al’uqleh) and wounding her four children. Another shell fell on a vehicle in Dwair district in the south side; no injuries were reported. Harasta: Aerial raids targeted the vicinity of the Department of Military Motor Vehicles while artillery and rocket shelling resumed against several districts in the city. Fierce gun battles took place near the Department of Military Motor Vehicles and (will)Harasta road. Hajeeret Albalad: Assad forces stationed in Assaida Zainab launched mortar shelling on residential areas wounding two citizens. Jdaidet Artooz: Heavy artillery and mortar shelling. Evening Highlights: Fierce shelling targeted Hosh Arab, Jab’adeen (in Alqalamoon), Muaddamiyat Asham and Dareyya ( in Alghootah Algharbieh) Deir Al’asafeer, Shab’aa, hosh Alfara and Douma ( in Alghootah Asharqieh.) Demonstrations mobilized in Yabrood, Dareyya, Atheiabieh, Hajeeret Alabalad, Saqba, Qara, Douma, Almlaiha, Hamoria and Harasta.

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