Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Seventeen residents were killed in rural Damascus this Wednesday;

Dareyya 5, Harasta 4 and one victim from each of the following: Almlaiha, Alghezlaniyeh, Azzabadani, Douma, Muaddamiyat Asham and Kfair Yaboos.

Annashabieh: Warplanes bombarded the town for four days in a row, killing and wounding scores of residents. A state of panic reigns in on the city and residents fled their homes in fear of massacres.

Azzabadani: Regime forces launched military offensive on the city coupled with fierce non-stopping shelling for more than 29 hours. At least 2000 shells rained down on the city. Assad snipers stationed at roadblocks targeted every single attempt of movement. FSA fighters managed to keep regime soldiers at bay while residents continue lack medical supplies, food and power.

Kafr Batna: Muhammad Zeno (12 years) was killed and scores were wounded during regime rocket and heavy artillery shelling on the town.

Dareyya: FSA fighters attacked military helicopter forcing it to land in Almazzeh Military Airport and targeted a tank near the same airport. Five residents were killed while Assad forces continued to besiege the city for 41 days in a row.

Al’etaibeh: Tall Hammar battalion launched fierce mortar shelling on the town. The shelling resumed during the evening hours.

Bait Sahim: Fierce mortar and tanks shelling resumed for the 28th day in a row. At least 20 shells rained down on residential buildings while military warplanes were hovering in the sky.

Douma: Assad forces launched mortar shelling on Karm Arrassas and Assindyaneh districts while MiG fighter jets targeted Al’eb.

Misraba: Three civilians (Refugees from Harasta) were killed during MiG fighter jets bombardment with MiG fighter jets. Rocket and heavy artillery shelling continue to target the town as well.

Harasta: The 41st regiment stationed at Assad district resumed artillery shelling the city. The city’s districts were also targeted with continuous artillery shelling.

Muaddamiyat Asham: Regime forces launched fierce shelling on residential areas setting homes on fire. Fierce gunfire from different directions also resumed against the city.

Annabek: Shells rained down on Assalhieh district. Explosions were heard and clouds of smoke were also seen across the city.

Hajeeret Albalad: Fierce rocket shelling targeted the town.

Zakieh: The 62nd regiment launched fierce shelling on Al’abasseh farms that are populated by refugees from surrounding areas. Several injuries were reported as a result.

Yabrood: fierce shelling targeted Reema district.

Jdaidet Artooz Alfadel: The 100th regiment targeted Alfadel district with artillery shelling while regime forces invaded Jdaidet Artooz Alfadel, launched indiscriminate detention raids and opened random gunfire on civilians and homes.

Evening Highlights: Systematic artillery shelling on different areas in Douma.

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