Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Fifty two residents were killed in rural Damascus this Tuesday;


Dareyya 14, Muaddamiyat Asham 7, Shab’aa 5, Yabrood 4 (one victim from Homs), Douma 4, Azzabadani 3 (one victim from Dar’aa), Atheiabieh 2, Sbaineh 2, Harasta 2 and one victim from each of the following: ‘Erbeen, Sa’asa’a, Misraba, Bakh’aa, kfairyabooss and Babila.



Dareyya and Muaddamiyat Asham: Assad forces stationed at roadblocks in Muaddamiyat Asham extra judicially executed at least 17 residents, including an entire family (man and his eight children) from Dareyya. The number of residents killed in both cities reached 23 victims. Regime forces resumed artillery shelling and attempts to invade the cities while FSA destroyed two regime tanks. Residents lack water, food and power.



Shab’aa: Five citizens were killed and scores were wounded during aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets on residential areas. The aerial attack caused colossal damage to scores of homes and businesses as result of targeting the town with air fuel bombs.



Azzabadani: Regime forces launched military offensive on the city coupled with fierce shelling killing four residents. At least 1000 shells rained down on the city. The FSA killed dozens of regime soldiers, managed to keep them at bay and destroyed two tanks.



Yabrood: Four residents were killed (including a woman and a child) and at least twenty others were wounded during artillery shelling on the area. Furthermore, Assad militias stationed at Assoda roadblock near Ma’aloola opened fire on a shuttle killing the driver (Fahid Fedda from Bahk’aa )and wounding passengers on board. Many are in critical condition.



Atheiabieh and Alhusseinieh Refugee Camp: a Palestinian woman and her son were killed and several others were wounded during fierce regime shelling on the residential areas while regime forces continued to besiege the area for 32 days in a row.



Hajjeeret Albalad: Military helicopters hovered over the town and dropped explosive barrels on residential areas wounding several residents and causing colossal damage to infrastructure.



Douma: Two residents were killed, including a child, and four others were wounded during aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets and mortar shelling on Alkornish street and Al’eb farms. The Victims are Salam Hamed little girl) and Mowafaq Ameen.



Arrehan: Fierce indiscriminate shelling targeted the town as well as surrounding farms and lead to the injury of large number of residents.



Deir Al’asafeer: Military helicopters dropped unfamiliar barrels on residential areas. The barrels exploded in the sky.



Alqtaifah: Assad militias arrested several residents, surrounded the road leading to power plant project and searched the farms located on Assail road for FSA fighters during the morning hours.



Yelda: Shelling resumed against the town. No injuries have been reported.



Evening Highlights: Artillery shelling resumed against Harasta, Douma, Madyara and Atheiabieh. Atheiabieh was also targeted with racket and mortar shelling.

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