Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Monday, December 24, 2012



Forty three residents were killed across the suburban area this Monday; Sbanieh 15, Dareyya 9, Alkisweh 6, Douma 4, ‘Erbeen 2, Harasta 2, Muaddamiyat Asham 1, Madaya 1, Jisreen 1, Beqeen 1.



Sbaineh: Assad forces launched shelling attacks on residential buildings and set off a car bomb killing at least 15 residents.


Most victims couldn’t be identified while physicians in makeshift hospital were unable help the wounded due to the severity of their injuries.



Assad forces launched aerial raids on residential areas in Aneshabieh, Almlaiha, Kafr Batna, Jisreen, ‘Erbeen, Ain Tarma, Douma, Hazeh and Dareyya.



Douma: Assad forces targeted the city with two aerial raids and rocket shelling. MiG fighter jets dropped cluster bombs killing three residents, wounding several others, many critically, and causing colossal damage to residential buildings and infrastructure. The victims are: Mohammad Alhanash, Mohamood Mohammad khabieh and Mohammad Assmadi.



Aneshabieh: Warplanes bombarded the town with rockets and cluster bombs wounding scores of residents, many critically. A state of panic reigns in on the city and residents fled their homes in fear of massacres such the one committed on December 23, 2012.



Dareyya: Eight residents were killed during fierce rocket shelling and aerial bombardment on residential buildings. Fierce gun battles between the FSA and regime forces took place in the eastern and western sides of the city post the arrival of new military reinforcements to the area. Waleed Mahmood was among the victims. He father and brother were also killed at earlier date.



Jisreen: Two aerial raids lead to the death of Mohammad Adnan Abdul Azziz Ghanoon (less than two month old) due to internal bleeding.



Almaida’ani: Warplanes opened fire on a school housing refugees from surrounding areas wounding scores of civilians, many are in critical condition.



Almlaiha: MiG fighter jets bombarded the stadium and surrounding residential buildings wounding scores of civilians, mostly children who were playing in the field and causing damage to buildings.



Kafr Batna: Aerial raid with MiG fighter jets leads to the injury of several residents and destruction of residential buildings.



Hazeh: Fierce artillery and mortar shelling as well as aerial bombardment with military helicopters targeted the town.



‘Erbeen: Aerial bombardment.



Zamalka: Artillery and rocket shelling targeted the city. Fierce gun battles were heard from the direction of loop- south.



Muaddamiyat Asham: Scores of residents were wounded and several residential buildings were destroyed during fierce rocket and artillery shelling on residential areas. At least thirty rockets targeted the same area. Unidentified victim was found near a roadblock on the city’s outskirts.



Harasta: Gun battles took place in the vicinity of the Air Force Intelligence Branch while artillery shelling continued to target several areas in Alghootah Asharqieh. Hussain Sadqah (in his thirties, also known as Abu Imad) was killed by regime forces and Jamal Ahmad Dagheem (30 year old disable) was fatally shot by Assad sniper.



Atheiabieh: The 58th brigade launched mortar shelling on homes while regime forces continued to besiege the town for 31 days in a row. Residents lack water and power.



Dar’aa- Damascus Highway: Six burned victims were found in a vehicle in addition to two more burned bodies also found just 150 meters away from the vehicle.



Evening Highlight: Fierce rocket shellingtargeted all Yabrood’s districts as well as the cities and towns of the southern suburban area; mainly Atheiabieh.565893_492729157434401_131388444_n

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