Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twenty four civilians were killed this Sunday in Damascus Suburbs including; eleven casualties in Douma  , Two casualties in each of Annashabia, Almqailbya, Saqba, Athiyabya, and Erbeen. A casualty in each of Daryyah, Babilah, Bait Timah, and Jairoud.

Annashabyah: A new massacre committed by Assad forces in the city when a government Mig jet fighter shelling residential areas killing eight civilians including children and wounding dozens; some of them were in critical condition.

Saqba: Mig jet fighters bombarded residential areas with vacuum bombs killing two civilians and wounding dozens including children and women. A building near a school was particularly targeted in the shelling attacks causing massive devastation while students were returning homes.

Hazzeh: Government warplanes bombarded residential buildings at the road between Kafar Batna and Hazzeh.

Erbeen: MiG jet fighter launched a new air raid targeting the outskirts of the city while Assad forces, stationed at the Vehicle Management, shelled residential areas with artillery.

Zamalka: Assad forces bombarded residential areas with MiG jet fighters wounding several civilians and demolishing some buildings.

Ain Tarma: An Air raid on Alkhair shops causing minor injuries to some civilians and damaging the shops.

Aqraba:  Assad forces shelled the town  with rockets and rocket launchers wounding several civilians and burning some homes.

Almlaiha: Assad forces shelled the schools compound in the town with rocket launcher causing massive devastation.

Daryyah: two civilians were killed in the city while Mig jet fighters launched several air raids on the neighborhoods. Furthermore, the Free Syrian Army destroyed two tanks amid continual shelling attacks by Assad forces with rocket launchers, tanks and heavy artillery on the city .

Mu’adamayyat Asham: Artillery and rocket shelling on the city while MiG fighter jets launched two air raids on residential areas.

Douma: Assad forces shelled fiercely several areas in the city with mortars  killing some civilians and wounding more others. A shell fell near Aljarah.

Atheyabiah: Fierce artillery shelling on the town and Ahusainyah Palestinian camp killing a woman with her baby and wounding dozens civilians. Assad forces have besieged the town since thirty days.

Alboidah: Several shells fell on the village while warplanes hovered over the area.

Yabrood: Assad forces, stationed at the 18th Brigade, shelled the neighborhoods  fiercely wounding several civilians; some of them were in critical condition. A state of panic prevailed among civilians especially children.

Harasta: Fierce artillery and rocket  shelling on the area around The vehicles  Management and several neighborhoods in the city.

Azzabadani: Assad forces, stationed at the checkpoints around the city, shelled residential neighborhoods.

Almqailibeh:  Assad forces, stationed at Azaiti checkpoint, shelled Alwa’rah area with tanks. Furthermore, residents  found two unidentified bodies for two civilians who had been killed at Almqailibeh | Kakab Road.

Babilah: A mass grave were found  near Aljad and Rajab gas station amid continual siege by Assad forces. Furthermore,  power, water, communications, and fuel were cut.

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