Moadamieh Alsham | December 19, 2012 | Daily summary Report

Moadamieh Alsham | December 19, 2012 | Daily summary Report
Assad regime escalated its brutal bombing to cover the city by cluster bombs so that MiGs fighters executed many raids to cause a huge destruction, martyrs and dozens of wounded :

During those raids, MiGs aircraft bombed many cluster bombs on the houses and civilians, a lot of dangerous bombs covered wide areas and didn’t explode directly to kill more numbers of civilians and affect longer term :

To increase the cluster bombing effects and convert any wounded into martyr, Assad gangs executed a systematic shelling on the cluster areas to kill any wounded and explode any unexploded bombs

As a result of this barbaric bombing 2 martyrs have been presented
1 – Hanadi Mohammed Hussein Ashour
2 – Mr. Omar Abed Abu Rabie (after critical injury)..

Moreover Assad disloyal tanks and soldiers tried to break in BUT the free soldiers heroes forced them to go back

after this barbaric air-strikes the medical situation is over critical because the huge numbers of wounded who they need medical help…..

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