Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Monday, December 17, 2012


Thirty eight residents were killed this Monday: Yelda 7 ( one victim from Idlib), Harasta 4, Muaddamiyat Asham 3, Babila 3, ‘Erbeen 2 (one victim from Damascus), Adraa 2 and one victim in each of the following Hajeertet Albalad, Jisreen, Attal, Douma, Bait Sahim, Zamalka (the victim is from Dar’aa), Alqaisa, Alghezlanieh and Hezerma.


Assad forces launched aerial bombardment with rockets, cluster and phosphorus bombs on Hamoia, ‘Erbeen and Alblalieh.


‘Erbeen:  Assad forces launched artillery and tank shelling as well as three aerial raids during which MiG fighter jets dropped cluster bombs on residential areas.   As a  result, Abdo Yunes (71) and Hakam Attaweel were killed, several residents were wounded and buildings caught fire.


Hamoria:  MiG fighter jets bombarded the area located between ‘Erbeen and Hamoria and massive fires ignited as a result.


Alblalaieh:  Assad forces bomarded the town with cluster bombs wounding civilians.


The southern area:  Regime forces launched fierce shelling on Yelda (seven residents were killed, including a child), artillery and rocket shelling on Assayda Zainab (one resident was killed and ten were wounded), artillery shelling from different directions on Alboida and Hajeeret Albalad.  Three residents were extra judicially executed by Assad forces near Sidi Meqdad roadblock.


Bait Sahim:  Systematic tank and mortar shelling resumed for 19th day in a row while warplanes hovered over the town.


Dareyya:  Regime forces launched fierce rocket and artillery shelling attacks on residential areas starting the early morning hours in an attempt to invade the city and FSA managed to keep them at bay.  Nine residents were killed during the attack.


Muaddamiyat Asham:  Fierce heavy artillery and rocket shelling targeted the city since the early morning hours destroying residential buildings.


Hezerma:  Assad forces launched mortar shelling on Hezerma farms killing Omran Ali Ramadan.


Zamalka:  Shelling and fierce gun battles occured on the town’s outskirts.  Several residents were wounded as a result; many critically.


Almqailbieh;  The 7th division stationed in Zakieh shelled the town’s outskirts while forces stationed on roadblocks opened gunfire on the residential areas.


Azzabadani:  Regime forces stationed on roadblocks and mountains resumed shelling attacks on residential areas starting in the early morning hours.


Alhusainieh:  According to Sama TV, Pro Assad TV channel, regime forces destroyed arms factory in Alhusainieh.  Residents denied such report and asserted that Assad forces shelled instead the only bread factory in the southern side of the suburban area.


Adraa:  Assad forces stationed in Jaramana extra judicially executed four residents and left their bodies in Adraa.  Only two victims were identified as Mohammad Al’abd (Adraa), Amjad Rateb Farah (Alghezlanieh.)


Sbaineh: Fierce rocket shelling on residential building during the evening hours.

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