Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report Sunday, December

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report Sunday, December


16, 2012 Seventeen citizens were killed this Sunday across the suburban area: Deir Salman 2, Yelda 2, Muaddamiyat Asham 2 and one victim in each of the following; Harasta, Qatana, Zebdeen, Azzabadani, Albaharieh, Sbaineh, Qara, Madyara, Alkesweh, Jdaidet Alfadel and Assayda Zainab. Aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets targeted mainly: Zebdeen, Deir Salman, Aneshabieh, Hezerma, Otaya, Sbaineh, Shab’aa, Almlaiha, Deir Al’asafeer, Dareyya and the districts of Alhajjar Alaswad and Alyarmook refugee camp in Damascus. Zebdeen: Regime forces launched aerial raid with MiG fighter jets killing a child ( (Ali Mutaw‘e, his body was completely burned), wounding four residents, and destroying homes. Otaya: Assad forces launched aerial raid with MiG fighter jets killing Ali Ezzat Alqabani (28) who just moved recently with his family from his home-town Madyara due to shelling.  Deir Salman: Rami Fahd Alahmad (23) and Mohammad Ryad Azain (19) were killed and 15 residents were wounded during shelling and aerial bombardment by Assad forces on the town. Aneshabieh: MiG fighter jets bombarded residential areas indiscriminately killing several residents and wounding many others; several are in critical condition. The bombardment also caused colossal damage to residential buildings. Hezerma: Shelling and aerial bombardment led to the injury of several residents. Dareyya: Aerial bombardment (MiG fighter jets) and rocket and artillery shelling targeted the city starting the early morning hours causing colossal damage to residential buildings. At least 320 residents were killed in 34 days in Dareyya and Muaddamiyat Asham. Residents in both cities lack water, power, all forms of communication, fuels. Sbaineh: MiG fighter jets launched rockets on residential buildings and civilians. Almlaiha: MiG fighter jets bombarded the vicinity of Assfa Hospital with cluster bombs wounding a large number of civilians, most of them are in critical condition. Alblalieh: Mortar shelling during the evening hours. Shab’aa: Rocket and artillery shelling as well as aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets resumed against the town.

Assaidah Zainab and the neighboring towns: Assad forces have fiercely shelled Hajerah Albalad, Yalda, Beit Sahem, Aqraba, and the southern neighborhoods of Damascus with artillery, mortars, and rocket launchers.  A state of panic prevailed  among residents while the area witnessed mass displacement. The casualty Abu Rashed Najeeb was killed during the shelling attacks on Yaldah while the casualty Muhammad Aledelbi was shot dead by a sniper at Alorobah Street.

Harasta and Erbeen: Assad forces, stationed at Air Force Intelligence Branch,  shelled residential areas with artillery while intensive gunfire took place throughout the two cities.

Hamoryah: Several shells fell on residential areas wounding several civilians.

Evening Highlights: Douma: Assad forces, stationed at Hafeer instruction, shelled the most neighborhoods in the city. Several shells fell near Alhashemia school.


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