Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Friday, December 14, 2012


Eighteen residents were killed across the suburban area this Friday; Dareyya 3, Zakieh 2, Harasta 2, Al’abadeh 2, Alkesweh 2 and one victim in each of the following: Jairood, Yabrood, ‘Erbeen, Zamalka, Saqba, Attal, and Muaddamiyat Asham.


Zakieh: The 75th brigade launched artillery shelling attacks on the city at a rate of one shell per five minutes killing five residents and wounding scores. The number of the wounded is still on the rise. Furthermore, gunfire battles took place between Assad militias and soldiers defected from the 75th brigade. The gun battles caused power outage.


Dareyya: Assad forces dispatched military reinforcements and infantry forces to the city in an attempt to invade the city thirty two days after the beginning of the military offensive against Dareyya. Mohammad Fayad ‘Adeeleh and Mohammad Yoosef Alqarh were killed during shelling attacks launched by Assad forces on the city.


Harasta: Fierce shelling from different directions targeted the city killing Mo’men Mohammad Ali Mahfooz, Abo Akram Ajairoodi (Jairood) and Ebtisam Hassan Deeb ( Za’aboobeh.)


Bait Sahim: Systematic artillery and tanks shelling targeted the town for sixteen days in a row causing colossal damage to buildings. Residents suffered power outage and lacked of all forms of communication for seventeen days in a row.


Hajeeret Albalad and Assayda Zainab: The 158th brigade launched fierce artillery shelling on residential areas. Residents suffered power outage.


Misraba: Indiscriminate rocket shelling led to the injury of several residents.


Azabadani: Fierce ongoing shelling targeted the city for four months in a row.


Zamalka: Fierce gun battles on the southern loop near Zamalk. Ahmad Bassam Herateh (1998, also known as Abu Mu’az) was killed during fierce shelling on the city.


Qatana: Hassam Hamed Mussa, native of Yabrood, was killed in Alma’arreh district and Assad forces confiscated two unidentified victims found earlier in the city.


Alkesweh: Sabah Mehideenan and his daughter were killed during shelling attacks launched by Assad forces on their home in Alhajjar Al’aswad.


Muaddamiyat Asham: Oday Abdul Ghaffar Daood was killed while defending his fellow citizens.


Saqba: Mohammad Diab Jem’a was killed during shelling on Alghootah Asharqieh.


Demonstraions mobilized in Yabrood, Assayda Zainab, Douma, Atheiabieh, Almlaiha, Hajeeret Albalad, Saqba, Hazeh, ‘Erbeen, Kafr Batna, Qara, Zamalka, Alkesweh, Ain Tarma, Qudsayia, Dareyya.

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