Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012


Two massacres in Dareyya and Erbeen and twenty seven residents were killed across the suburban area this Wednesday: Dareyya 12 (1 from Alepo), Erbeen 5, Harasta 3 and one victim in each of the following: Douma, Muaddamiyat Asham, Attal, Harran Al’awameed, Yelda, Asal Alward and Alkiswa.


Dareyya: Ten killed and 32 wounded as a result of bombarding the city. A massacre of eight civilians was reported due to regime’s shells on Abu Bakr Mosque. Mortar, artillery and rocket shelling on the city continued as well as an attempt to an invasion resisted by FSA fighters.


Muaddamiyat Asham: Scores were wounded during MiG fighter jets shelling attacks on the city’s basic makeshift hospital and Omar bin Alkhattab Mosque. The shelling attacks destroyed an entire residential district restraining many families under the rubble.


Erbeen: Four victims were killed in a massacre of a family and scores wounded due to Alassad forces rocket shelling. More than 135 were killed in 50 days and residents suffered the continual shortage of water, electricity, services and all forms of communication.


Harasta: Several air strikes targeted Military Vehicles Department neighboring areas, Alte’aleh, Alkhames and other districts. Three civilians were killed and billows of smoke filled the sky.


Alghootah Asharqieh: Fierce mortar and rocket shelling targeted mainly Bait Sawa, Madyara and Misraba. Several residents were killed and wounded during shelling attacks.


Al’otaibeh: Alassad forces launched fierce mortar and artillery shelling attacks on the village.


Asal Alward: Fierce tanks shelling targeted civilians’ homes, Omar bin Alkhattab Mosque and the village’s school. Ferial Alsheikh Ali (26 years) was killed and several residents including women and children were wounded.


Ein Tarma: MiG fighter jets attacked the town since the early morning. Scores were wounded and several residential buildings were destroyed due to cluster bombs bombardment.


Shib’aa: Fierce rocket launchers shelling continued for 11 days in a row. Colossal destruction in the town has been reported.


Aqraba: Fierce MiG fighter jets shelling continued for 14 days in a row.


Harran Al’awameed: Regime forces stationed at Damascus Airport launched heavy mortar shelling on the town. And gun clashes were reported on the town’s outskirts.


Babbila: Continual heavy artillery, tanks and mortar shelling targeted residential areas. The humanitarian condition is deteriorating due to severe shortage in food and healthcare services and power outage for long hours.

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