Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thirty one citizens were killed across the suburban area this Sunday: Muaddamiyat Asham 8 (2 from Kafr Sooseh), Harasta 5, Dareyya 4, Deir Al’asafeer 3 (2 from Dar’aa and Reken Eddeen), Shab’aa and one victim in each of the following; Ashaifoonieh, Alqaisa, Azzabadani, Misraba, Douma, Jairood, ‘Erbeen, Zakieh, and Alkesweh.


Muaddamiyat Asham: Regime forces launched fierce rocket shelling attacks on residential areas wounding scores of residents and killing eight, including Khulood Abdullah Hamdan during shelling on her home. At least 50 rockets were reported.


Dareyya: Artillery shelling resumed against the city while warplanes dropped a new type of explosive barrels on residential areas in an attempt to invade Dareyya and Muaddamiyat Asham. Regime forces continued to besiege the city and force its residents to evacuate their homes. At least 220 residents were killed in less than a month, including 13 women and 16 children.


Misraba: Regime forces resumed rocket shelling against residential areas killing Rateb Nayef. At least seven residents were killed during fierce and indiscriminate shelling launched by Assad forces on December 8, 2012. Most of the victims were decapitated and mutilated.


Madyara: The 41st regiment stationed in Assad District launched fierce artillery and rocket shelling wounding several residents.


Harasta: Fierce artillery, rocket and tank shelling targeted several different districts in the city.


‘Erbeen: Regime shelling resumed against residential areas starting the early morning and more than 100 shells were reported. At least, 125 victims were killed during the shelling attacks launched on the city for 48 days in a row and residents continued to suffer severe shortage in water and lack of power, healthcare services and all forms of communication.


Ain Tarma: Assad forces launched fierce mortar shelling destroying residential areas and infrastructure.


Alqaisa: Mortar and artillery shelling resumed against the town. Saltaneh Sroor (50) died from wounds sustained during aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets last evening.

Shab’a: Sami Shna’a and Ammar Alkhayat (child) were killed during fierce artillery and rocket shelling on residential areas. The town suffers mass destruction and devastation.


Harran Al’awameed: Regime forces stationed in Damascus International Airport launched mortar and artillery shelling on the town’s outskirts.


Sidi Meqdad: Assad forces launched fierce attacks against the town for ten days in a row causing colossal damage to residential buildings, mosques, businesses.


Hamoria: Shells rained on several homes in the city and outskirts during fierce shelling by Assad forces on residential areas in ‘Erbeen. However, no one was injured.


Babila: Mortar shelling targeted residential areas.


Bait Sahim: Systematic shelling attacks targeted the town for 11 days in a row. At least ten tank shells rained on residential areas.


Alghootah Asharqieh: Fierce mortar and rocket shelling targeted mainly Albaharieh, Al’abadeh, Harran Al’awameed, ‘Aqraba, Shab’aa, Alqaisa, Deir Al’asafeer, Bait Sahim, Madyara, Misraba, Ain Tarma, Hamoria, Saqba, Jisreen, Harasta, Douma, Zamlka, ‘Erbeen. Several residents were killed and wounded during the shelling attacks.


Hosh Arab: Fierce artillery shelling targeted residential areas in Hosh Arab, ‘Assal Alward and Rankoos plain.


Douma: FSA fighter Bilal Fozi Etoz, born in Ashaifoonieh (1992), was killed during attacks launched by FSA to take control of the Department of Military Motor Vehicles in Harasta.


Jairood: Ahmad Mohammad Kan’aan, also known as Abu Marwan Albdaiwi, was killed after being arrested by Assad militias in Massaken Barzeh a week ago.


Several Shells rained on Hosh Nasri, Hosh Adawahra and Ashafoonieh during the evening hours.


Qatana: Assad militias attack residents in queue who were buying bread in the 10th district. Residents suffer power outage for 10 hours on daily basis.

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