Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Saturday, December 8, 2012


Thirty five residents were killed across the suburban area this Friday: Douma 10, Misraba 7, Muaddamiyat Asham 4, Dareyya 4, Almqualbieh 2, Hamoria 2 and one victim in each of the following; Ashaifonieh, Saqba, Bait Nayem, Harran Al‘awameed, Harasta, Madyara, and deir Al‘asafeer.


Misraba: Eight residents were killed and several were wounded during fierce rocket shelling. It is also being reported that more resident were killed in the shelling attacks.


Madyara: Regime forces launched fierce rocket shelling killing Kalthoom Mohammad Haboosh ( 16 ) and Abdul Basset Awad (in his fifties, also known as Abu Shadi).  Scores of residents were also wounded during the shelling attacks. residents have suffered lack of water, power, fuels and all means of communications for 50 days in a row.


Douma: Regime forces launched aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets while military helicopters dropped explosive TNT barrels filled with strange material on residential areas. Military forces targeted the city with systematic mortar and artillery shelling killing nine residents.

Dareyyah and Mu’adamyat Asham:  Seven  civilians had been killed, three in Daryyah and four in Mu’adamyyat Asham, while Assad forces, stationed at Sarayah Asera’a Mountains and  Regiment 100, resumed shelling attacks in attempt to stormed the two cities. Furthermore, Assad forces arrest more the 100 civilians because they were residents from Daryyah and Mu’adamyyat.

MiG fighter jets launched air raids shelling residential areas in Annashabia, Alabadehm Harran Alawameed, Alqaisa, Aqraba, Erbeen, Harasta, and Douma with cluster bombs causing massive devastation.

Alqaisa: Assad forces shelled the town with MiG fighter jets, artillery, and mortar wounding ten civilians.

Harasta: warplanes launched air raids shelling residential areas with rockets and mortars. The area around The Military Vehicles Management  was especially targeted in the shelling.

Albharia: Fierce shelling on the town with rocket launchers and mortars destroying a factory.

Al’abadeh: Assad forces have shelled the town for the thirteenth days in row with artillery, rocket launchers, and MiG fighter jets wounding several civilians.

Athyabiah: Assad forces shelled residential areas with heavy artillery at a rate of a shell per minute demolishing some homes amid power cut.

Dumair: Assad forces shelled the village with mortars and dropped flash bombs.

Algouta Asharqia: Fierce shelling with mortars and rocket launchers on Albeharia, Alabadeh,  Harran Alawameed, Aqraba, Shab’a, Deir Alasafeer, Bait sahem, Madyyarah, Misrabah, Ain Tarmah, Hamoryyah, Saqba, Jesreen, Harasta, Douma, Zamalka, and Erbeen killing civilians and wounding more others.

Jdaidet Artouz Alfadel. Assad forces carried out arrest campaign arresting 70 civilians and beating them brutally.

Almqaliba: Two civilians had been killed and others injured due to fierce shelling on the southern neighborhood.

Yabroud: Assad forces shelled the city fiercely. More than 200 shells fell on the areas around the city and the neighboring village of Ras al-Ain.


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