Damascus Suburb:: Moadamieh Al Sham :: Daily Summary of the city events 12/11/2012

Damascus Suburb:: Moadamieh Al Sham :: Daily Summary of the city events 12/11/2012


More and more failed attempts were done by assad forces to break into the city
-A heavy bombardment on the city from “the fourth brigade”and “mazzeh military airport”
-the shelling targeted the residential areas .
-we heard gunfires and clashes continued for hours by”assad” gangs and militias which situated at the the city entrances in an attempt to scare the safe people.
Lots of wounde

d people including women and children.
The martyrs :
1 – the hero young martyr “ Adnan Alaksh”
2 – the young martyr “Zahir Rajab”
3 – the heroyoumg martyr” Ahmed Alaksh”
4 – the hero young martyr” Ahmed Ibrahim Karkora”
5 – the young martyr “Amin Mohamed Domarany”
Further more we found two anonymous corpse on the ground near one of the military barriers.
Assad gangs arrested both of:
1) the young “Qasim Ahmad Arnous” with his car by security and Shabiha after raiding his house in the northern district of the city.
2)the young “Muhammad Hassan” form the “joulan” was arrested on a military barrier oon the city .
The humanitarian situation ::
This is the Twenty-fifth of the complete electricity cuttage
Cottage of the water, diesel, floursnd all oflife requirement.
Our ultimate suffer is because of children and women who can’t sleep and some of them suffer from difficult Psychological situations.
Medical condition ::
Lots of wounded and martyrs
The number of wounded is increasing while the medical staff is eleminating and overworking to heal the huge number of wounded with the extreme shortage of the simplest methods of treatment, drugs medical supplies.
The martyr “Amin Mohamed “
the martyr “Ahmed Mahmoud Alaksh”
the Young martyr “Adnan Abdul Aziz Akash”
the martyr “ Zahir Mahmoud Rajab”
the martyr” Ahmed Ibrahim kerkorh”
the martyrs:
1 – Zahir Mahmoud Rajab (Ibn Abu Abdo)
2 – Adnan Abdul Aziz Akash
3 – Ahmed Mahmoud Akash

Mixing the blood of the martyr with the food he was eating:
Found an anynoumos body near one of the military barriers:


the bombimg on the residential districts on the city

the Smoke that MiGs were put into the atmosphere during the raids, which led to shortness of breath and choking many people Sham

Strange smoke appeared after the bombing of the city .

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