Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012


Thirty one residents were killed in Damascus Suburbs including:  Douma 6, Bait Sahim 5, Daryyah 5, Dumair 2, Azzabadani 2, Saqba 2, Erbeen 2, Yelda 1, Annabek 1, Alrihan 1, Ashaifoonieh 1, Muaddamiyat Asham 1, Qatana 1, Aadra 1, Ghoota 1.


Alghootah Asherquieh: Regime forces have launched fierce air strikes for forty three days on Bait Sahim, Hazzeh, Aqraba, Hizerma, Almleha, Erbeen, Saqba, Zamalka, Jisreen and Damascus International Airport neighboring areas.


Bait Sahim: Five residents were killed under the fierce bombardment with MiG fighter jets targeted residential areas for five days in a row wounding dozens of civilian. Assad forces are attacking Bait Sahim with mortars, artillery, tanks and rocket launchers after besieging the town for seven days in a row. This siege resulted in a severe shortage in food, equipment, medical supplies and staff.


Alabbadeh: Regime forces have targeted the town with fierce artillery and rocket launchers shelling for ten days in a row. Residents have been suffering power breaking for seventeen days in addition to the suspension of water, flour and communication.


Harran Alawamid: Rocket launchers shelling on the town with an attempt by Assad forces to break in.


Almlaiha: Fierce bombardment with MiG fighter jets targeted the farms and residential buildings.


Hezerma: Regime’s MiG fighter jets launched two air strikes in the town resulting in a massive devastation in residential buildings and private properties wounding several civilians some of them were in critical conditions.


Darayya: The shelling by rocket launchers and artillery on residential areas continues for the twenty forth day. FSA fighters prevent Assad forces from breaking in after intense battles in the eastern and southern areas.


Douma: The shelling by rocket launchers and mortars continues. Five civilians were killed today including the three years old girl Hadiyah Rudwan Al-Shahroor.


Azzabadani: More than six hundred shells fell on the city from artillery, tanks and mortars. The basic makeshift hospital is full of wounded with the severe lack of blood units and medical supplies.


Jdaidet Artouz: Assad forces, stationed at Regiment 100 in Jdaidet Alfadel Mountains, shelled the farms of Jdaidet Artouz Albalad fiercely.


Artooz: Assad forces carried out a brutal raid campaigns on Haret Alfannos arresting many civilians.


Evening Highlights: Assad forces, stationed at Air Defense Battalion in Damascus International Airport, shelled residential areas in Harran Alawameed with artillery. Fierce shelling with rockets launchers on Yalda. More than twenty five rockets fell on residential areas thus far. Shelling on Yabroud and Hosh Arab.

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