Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Monday, December 3, 2012


Seventy four residents were killed this Monday: Atheiabieh 38, Misraba 6, Almaiha 5, Douma 4, Harasta 4, Azzabadani 3, ‘Aqraba 2, Madayra 1, Dareyya 1, Hazzeh 1, Deir Al’asafeer 1, Jisreen 1, Erbeen 1, Zamalka 1, Hamoria 1, Almuhajereen (killed in Saqba), Muaddamiyat Asham 1, Harran Al’awameed 1, Bait Sahim 1.


Atheiabieh: Pro Assad militias extra judicially executed 38 residents after arresting them on Almu’tamarat roadblock.


Misraba: Regime forces launched artillery shelling killing ten residents and wounding dozens; many are in critical condition. Fierce indiscriminate artillery shelling resumed on Misraba and Mayara during the evening hours wounding dozens more.


Almlaiha: Assad forces launched artillery shelling on residential areas killing six residents and wounding dozens, including children. Many are in critical condition.


Hamoria: Military forces launched racket and artillery shelling on homes killing Amal Hamzeh and wounding dozens of residents, including children.


Alghootah Asharqieh: Assad forces launched fierce aerial raids with MiG fighter jets for 41 days in a row and dropped cluster bombs on Saqba, Kafr Batna, ’Erbeen, ‘Aqraba, Harran Al’awameed, Bait Sahim, Babila, Hezerma and most cities an towns surrounding the airport.


Bait Sahim: Fierce bombardment with MiG fighter jets targeted residential areas for five days in a row wounding dozens of civilians, many critically, and setting homes on fire. At least 50 residents were killed in the past three days, 400 were wounded and city suffers severe shortage in healthcare providers and medical supplies.


Dareyya: Assad forces targeted the city with rocket and artillery shelling for 21 days in a row and dispatched military reinforcements in an new attempt to invade the city . At least, 200 residents were killed, including seven women and 12 children, since the eighth of last month, the starting date of the latest military attack against the city.


Deir Al’asafeer: Fierce rocket shelling and aerial bombardment with MiG fighter jets targeted the town for four days in a row causing colossal damage to buildings.


Saqba: Assad forces launched fierce aerial raids with Sukhoi warplanes on the city’ farms destroying residential buildings.


Babila: Regime forces launched aerial raids on residential areas and bombarded buildings with cluster bombs.


Muaddamiyat Asham: The fourth division launched fierce rocket shelling on residential areas.


Jisreen: Rocket shelling targeted the town and several resident were wounded as result.


Kafr Batana: Fierce shelling with rocket and artillery shelling.


Harran Al’awameed: Tank and artillery shelling targeted residential areas during the evening hours.


Assayda Zainab: Several residents were wounded during artillery and rocket shelling launched on the city during the evening.


Douma: Fierce mortar and rocket shelling during the evening hours. The cities of Douma, Misraba, Madyara, ‘Erbeen and Zamalka lack water, power, fuels and all forms of communication.


Qara: Funeral processing for two FSA fighters; Mohammad Abdul Nasser Alhaji and Ahmad Abdul Qadaer Farhoodeh.

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