Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sixty seven civilians were killed in Damascus Suburbs including: Douma 10, Deir Al’asafeer 8, Saqba 07, Beit Sahem 05, four in each of Erbeen, Babilahm and Daryyah, Three in both Khan Ashaikh and Aqraba, and a victim in each of Harran Alawameed, Alghezlanyah, Alahmadiah, Alqisah, Zebdeen, Mu’adamyat Asham, Adrah, and Harasta.

Deir Al’asafeer: Assad forces shelled the town with rocket launchers and MiG jet fighters killing more than ten civilians, including children, and wounding dozens. The state of panic prevailed among residents.

Bait Sahem: Warplanes launched five air raids shelling residential areas with cluster bombs and rockets, dropping TNT barrels on some homes, demolishing a large number of buildings, and killing and wounding several civilians. The town suffers severe shortage in medical supplies, lack of water, fuel, power cut amid disconnection of all means of communications and mass displacement of residents.

Hazarmah: Warplanes launched two air raids on the town wounding several civilians.

Daryyah: Assad forces bombarded the city fiercely. More the five air raids launched on residential areas.

Erbeen: Three children had been killed when a shell fell near them. Further, Assad forces shelled Erbeen Albalad fiercely with tanks.

Saqba: Six men were killed and others injured when they were defending their fellows.

Yalda: MiG jet fighters launched three air raids targeting the farms and wounding dozens civilians.

Babilah: Warplanes launched three air raids killing three civilians while Assad forces shelled residential areas with tanks and rocket launchers wounding dozens civilians.

Madayah: Assad forces, stationed at the Eastern Mountain and Baradah Street, shelled the town wounding a large number of civilians including children.

Mu’damyyat Asham: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers on the neighborhoods killing Jamal Ahkhateeb and wounding several civilians.

MiG jet fighters launched several air raids bombarding the towns and cities of Annshabia, Deir Salman, Hezremah, Bait Sahem, Alabadeh, Alkefreen, Babilah, Yaldah, and daryyah with cluster bombs.

Harran Alawameed: Assad forces shelled Harran Alawameed and Alotaibeh with tanks and artillery.


Douma: More than 50 rockets were fired on residential areas killing six civilians and wounding others, and demolishing a building near Ann’asan Mosque.

Atheyabyah: Assad forces shelled the town and Mukayyam  Alhusinyah amid water,  power and communications cut.

Jesreen: Assad forces resumed shelling attacks on the village targeting the main street amid mass displacement of residents killing some civilians and wounding others.

Almlaiha: Assad forces resumed shelling attacks on residential areas with mortars and rockets launchers.

Azzabadani: Assad forces shelled the city with tanks and artillery targeting the displacements people’s areas wounding several civilians some of them were in critical conditions, and causing massive devastation in some buildings.

Yabroud: Assad forces resumed shelling attacks with artillery on residential areas. Asalehyah neighborhood was being particularly targeted in the fierce bombardment.

Qatana: Assad forces deployed in Aljala’a Square checkpoint and raided the areas near Azera’ah

Evening Highlights: Assad forces shelled Algoutal Asharqiah particularly Shab’a, Hatetat Aturkman, Deir Alasafeer, Zebdeen, and Almelayha with rocket launchers and artillery amid power, water, and communications cut.

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