Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report


Saturday, December  01, 2012

Sixty civilians were killed in Damascus Suburbs including: Bait Shahem 17, Douma 10, Daryyah 09, Mu’adamyyat Asham 07, Sahnaya 03, Two in each of  Erbeen, Madyarah, and Atheyabiah, and one in each of Saqba, Aqrabah, Drousha, Alqasimiah, Alqaisa, Alhusainiah, and Qatana.

Bait Sahem: Seventeen  civilians had been killed, including women and children,  and a hundred and twenty others injured, fifteen of them were in critical condition when MiG jet fighters launched more than six air raids bombarding residential areas with rockets launchers and tanks targeting some  displaced people from Bait Sahem and Aqraba.

Assad forces committed a new massacre in Athebyaniah area and Albajdaliah neighborhood shelling residential areas fiercely with rockets launcher killing more than ten civilians including four women and two children and wounding dozen others.

Douma: Ten civilians had been killed  and more than fifty others injured when MiG jet fighters shelled residential areas. Further, several homes were demolished.

Daryyah: Eight civilians had been killed when MiG jet fighters shelled the city of Daryyah.

Mu’Adamyat Asham: Assad forces, stationed at Almazzah Airport, shelled some neighborhoods with artillery demolishing some buildings, killing seven civilians, and wounding others some of them were in critical condition.

Babilah: Warplanes launched five air raids on residential areas wounding several civilians some of them were in critical condition.

Aqraba: Assad forces burned some homes and took off some trees amid fierce shelling while new reinforcements came to Aqraba Military Airport.

Saqba and Jesreen: Assad forces shelled the city of Saqba with rocket launchers, heavy artillery, and mortar killing a civilian and wounding others.

Asharfiat Sahnaya: Assad forces dropped a TNT barrels on residential area killing dozen civilians.

Abbadeh: Assad forces resumed shelling the two with artillery and rocket launchers for the sixth day in a row demolishing at least ten homes and injuring many civilians, among them were women and children. The town suffers severe shortage in medical supplies, lack of water, fuel, power cut amid disconnection of all means of communications and mass displacement of residents.

Addiabiah: Continual regime shelling on the town was reported.

Qatana: Assad forces shelled the city, particularly Alhialeh area amid intense gunfire from all checkpoints.

Alkisweh: A strike was reported in support for Darayya city.

The FSA members shot a MiG fighter jet down and took over an intelligence agency branch on the highway to the airport.

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