“Moadamieh Al Sham” The daily report of the city 12/4/2012

“Moadamieh Al Sham” The daily report of the city 12/4/2012 :
The city is suffering blockade and its wound is still bleeding and it is providing martyr after martyr , moadamieh ground became red becaus of the blood of its martyrs.
This is the seventeenth day in wich the city sank in darkness because a power failure.
Asaad gangs are bombing the residential districts in the city by missiles and artillery which come from :mazzeh military airport “ and

“the fourth brigade”
The martyrs of today are:

1) the young martyr “Khadija Ahmed Sawan “because of the shelling on :Jdaidet Artouz”

2) the young martyr” Mohamed Ibrahim Matouk (Faramlie)”

3) young hero martyr” Mahmoud Mohammed Ali Abu Khaled”

4) the young ,hero martyr” Anas Abdul Razak Alnakkab”

5) The young, hero martyr“Yassin Saeed Alnakkab”
Also,Asaad gangs arrested “ALHaj Ahmed Khalil Sawan (50 years old) Abu Muhammad (Almashoish) at larbeen military barrier) when he returned to “Almoadamieh”.

* disappearance of the young” Abdo Othman AlSheikh” since Thursday whe he was in his work in “Mezzeh”
-the shelling on the city was heavier on the evening more than the morning.

The humanitarian situation ::
-we are suffering from power and water supply outage for the seventeenth day , the city suffers from shortages in all necessities of the life, food and heating materials which are now almost non-existent due to the blockade and the closure of all entrances to the city.
Medical condition::
There is a large number of wounded people including children and women because of the bombing on the city which make an extra the number of wounded people which is now around the hundreds, all treating places lack the basic safety features to protect the patient from any diseases and all operating rooms exposed to the bacteria which cause worsening of patients’ situation in some cases .
The medical staff is doing its best to treat patients and provide them with necessaries.
All of that mean that the medical staff should treat a huge number of wounded with avery little resourses.
The results of bombardment on the city:
The young martyr “ Anas Abdul Razak nakkab”
The martyr” Mahmoud Mohamed Ali Abu Khaled” as a result of the shelling on the city:
The Young martyr “Mohammed Ibrahim Matouk” martyred as a result of the indiscriminate shelling

Funeral of martyr “Khadija Sawane” in (Jdaida)

CBS News report about” Moadamia AlSham” – Damascus Subrub



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